When Do Pregnancy Cravings Start?

when do pregnancy cravings start

When do pregnancy cravings start? It does not seem like this is kind of craving which will come right away. Nevertheless, pregnant mothers might think that it is normal to have cravings during pregnancy. It is better to understand the term of pregnancy cravings first before people can learn further about this condition. There might be a time during pregnancy when the pregnant women think that they have to eat something a lot. They must have the specific food or else their cravings will not be fulfilled. It is also possible that they also want other foods when they are trying to get the first food.


It is true that it is not strange for pregnant women to crave the foods with a strange combination. It is also normal for them to crave foods they have never wanted to try before. There are more than half pregnant women in the United States who have specific food craving during their pregnancy period. However, there is no scientific explanation yet about the reason why the pregnant women want to eat something specific so bad.

It can be associated with the hormone change which occurs rapidly during the pregnancy. However, it is possible that the cravings are caused by the fact that the body has to work more for producing more blood in a short period of time. The specific food cravings during pregnancy might be used as comfort foods for helping them deal with the changes of the body due to the pregnancy.


There might also be a question about the time when doing pregnancy cravings start. The conditions might be different for different women. Mostly, pregnant women have to deal with this condition during the first trimester of pregnancy. It is just the beginning of the craving because it will get higher during the second pregnancy trimester. Fortunately, the declining trend can be found in the third trimester.

There can be a rare condition as well when the cravings will not end after the delivery. It means that they can have the urge to eat different strange foods even after the baby is born. In many cases, many pregnant women have one food craving for just one or two days. They will have different cravings for different days.

Aversions of Food

The term of food cravings is very common and popular during the pregnancy but there is also a condition which is completely opposite of the food cravings. It is called food aversions. The same unusual feelings can be created by the food aversions. This condition can be started around the same time as the food cravings.

It is said that there is no relation between the food cravings and nausea as well as the vomiting which can be found because of the morning sickness. However, it is possible that there is a relation between the food aversion and morning sickness. Many pregnant women in the United States might reject meat whether it is raw, cooked, or texture of the meat.

Common Cravings

when do pregnancy cravings startThe pregnancy cravings can be a personal experience which might be different from other people. It is harmless but it can be funny. Nevertheless, according to the report, there are some types of foods which become common cravings for many pregnant women. In the United States, the most commonly craved foods are sweets, such as candy and ice cream. Dairy products are also reported including sour cream and cheese. Other foods are fruits, veggies, fast foods, and starchy foods.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, the most commonly craved foods are ice pops, fruits, and chocolate. Of course, there are still other foods which are craved by pregnant women including grated carrot with ketchup, garlic mushroom with custard, and boiled eggs with the horseradish. There are some pregnant women who have craving with the strange combination like ice cream with pickles. It is odd but it is very satisfying for them.

Doctor Appointment

Even the oddest combination of craved foods is harmless as long as it is still a food. The pregnant women should contact the doctor when they have kind of dangerous cravings. The cravings can be considered dangerous when they have the urge to eat nonfood items such as soap or dirt during pregnancy. It is also important to know when people are asking about when doing pregnancy cravings start.

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