What Does Early Pregnancy Discharge Look Like?

What Does Early Pregnancy Discharge Look Like

Vaginal discharge or medically known as Flour Albus is a condition where a woman releases white slimes from her vagina. The slimes are excreted from the cervix and vagina, that contain dead cells and various microorganisms from within the intimate organ. Vaginal discharge is a normal condition. It can help to keep the intimate organ healthy.

There are a lot of causative factors of vaginal discharge. One of the most dominant factors is the increase of estrogen hormones. The level of this hormone usually increases before a period and during pregnancy. But, what does early pregnancy discharge look like? The normal appearance of vaginal discharge both because of pregnancy or before the period is the same. The slimes are white, sticky, are not smelly, and do not cause itchiness. Below are the characteristics of early pregnancy discharge that differentiate it from the one before menstruation.

What Does Early Pregnancy Discharge Look Like

The Slimes Colors Are More Feculent

The slimes color of vaginal discharge because of early pregnancy is usually more feculent. It looks white like milk. It is different from vaginal discharge before menstruation which the color usually looks clear.

The Frequency Increases

During a pregnancy, the production of estrogen hormones is increasing. This stimulates too much vaginal discharge. Moreover, the excessive growth of Candida Sp mold in the area of the vagina can also be a trigger of vaginal discharge. Pregnancy vaginal discharge is able to happen on early pregnancy until before delivery. This makes the condition of the vagina more humid.

Accompanied by Bleeding

Vaginal discharge which appears because of pregnancy is usually accompanied by bleeding. This condition happens when the egg cells are fertilized. The blood vessels in the uterus are damaged by the trophoblast, causing the blood to come out of the vagina. Generally, the blood is only brown or pink spots. And the volume is just a little, different from menstrual blood with a lot of volumes.

Accompanied by Breast Pain

During a pregnancy, a woman will also feel a breast pain just like before they get their period. But the breast pain is more painful than during menstruation. Moreover, the breasts become more sensitive, look bigger, and the color of areola gets darker.

Accompanied by Frequent Urination Symptom

If a woman who gets her period is easy to get thirsty, it is different during a pregnancy. Generally, a pregnant woman tends to urinate more often. It is because of the increased progesterone hormones, increased blood volume, and a pressure on the bladder caused by an enlarged uterus. This condition is normal but also able to cause a dehydration. So that a pregnant woman is suggested to drink more waters in order to avoid dehydration.

Accompanied by Headache

Vaginal discharge because of pregnancy is usually accompanied by a headache. It is because of the hormonal changes in the body. Different from getting menstruation, women usually only feel pain in the stomach or back.

Those are the answer to what does early pregnancy look like. You do not have to be worried about this condition because it is normal.

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