Understanding The Basic: Welcoming Your Newborn Baby

Welcoming Your Newborn Baby

Do you excite a little baby soon? Congratulation! This is a great news. Of course, all of you are getting excited to start collecting many items so you are able to take care of your beloved one. It might be a little daunting as well. You walk through the baby shops and you will see a hundred items that you can bring home. Instead of the car seat, then which one do you really need? Whether you welcoming newborn baby girl or boy, then here is a guide that you can use to decide what you might need for your little baby.

Newborn Needs

When a baby comes to this world, then she or he will need very little. During their first few weeks, all of the babies are sleeping, eating and poop coming out as well. There is not much thing that your baby does for around 3 to 5 months. Most of the parents being rush to buy or add their registers when they know that they’re pregnant wee for them, not essential for the baby. You should know that your newborn baby does not really care whether or not her or his poop spatter on the designer diaper or something else? If you want to save up more money and being practical about what you really need during the first few weeks of baby’s life, then you should focus on several categories, feeding, warm clothing, diapering, bathing and of course traveling. However, firstly, let’s take a look on your baby’s first day and what you have to bring inside your hospital bag.

What’s inside your pregnancy hospital bag?

Most of what you pick inside your hospital bag will go to you. If you choose to give birth at the hospital or in a birthing center, then most of your baby needs for the first few days will be prepared for you. There are several things that you can bring for your beloved newborn baby girl or boy:

Bring home outfit when you bring home your baby, then you can change her or him into the outfit that you will choose, plus another outwear need based on the current weather in your location. You can bring addition clothes if you want, however, you should know that most of her or his time was swaddled and usually the hospital or birthing center provide you with the t-shirts as well. Even swaddling blankets and hats were usually provided by a hospital, but if you more prefer having specific ones, then you are free to bring along a swell.

Wipes and diapers those items were usually provided by the hospital, so you do not have to bring along as well. Pacifiers were usually provided as well, although they were not that important.

Car seat for the infant – there are many hospitals will ask you to check your infant car seat before they start to deliver a newborn baby. This is an illegal activity and it’s not safe without having one. Therefore you can choose one which is the carrier seat that easier to click into the base car, of course, it should be secured.

Feeding your newborn baby

What you really need to feed your newborn baby is depending on how you will feed the baby. If you choose to provide exclusive breastfeeding, then you will need less than if you decide to provide bottle feed. If you are providing breastfeed, you will need some bra pads to lock the leaks, nursing bras, breast pump, and other supplies if you need to burp cloths, pump, and bibs as well. It’s worth to buy a few bottles if you need to let other else to feed the baby.

Then, if you choose to provide bottlefeed, then you need to provide formula, at least 4 to 10 bottles, a bottle brush, plastic nipples with the low flow which made for newborns, burp bibs and clothes and the dishwasher basket to clean or wash your supplies. You should know that these supplies were much different compared before getting pregnant.

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