Unisex Baby Names

The Right Baby Names for Your Boys and Girls

Unisex Baby Names

Unisex baby names become an inspiring name list for your boys and girls. The name list is suitable for your boys and girls because it contains unisex names. It means that it is compatible with your boys and girls babies. Sometimes, it is rather difficult to find out the best unisex baby name.

How to Select the Best Unisex Baby Names

To find the best Unisex baby names, you should consider some things. Firstly, it must have a good and positive meaning. It becomes the main requirement to get a Unisex name. You should find the positive name meanings for your boys and girls. Secondly, it is easily pronounced. For some cases, you have considered it. Thirdly, it shouldn’t look out of date. Fourthly, it shouldn’t contain long names. It is better to look simple and a medium length. It must be unique. You must consider those things above before taking a choice of the baby name.

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The List of Unisex Baby Names

There are some names to choose inspired by Indian names. These following names are applicable for boy and girl babies.

The Letter of A

Addison ( English )        = Son of Adam

Adrian ( Latin )              = Dark, darkness

Alex ( Greek )                = A defender of mankind

Alexis ( Greek )             = A defender of mankind

Andy ( Greek )              = Manly

Angel ( Latin )               = A messenger

Ariel ( Hebrew )             = A lion of God

Arron ( Hebrew )            = To be enlightened

Ashley ( Old English )    = A meadow of Ash Trees

Ashton ( Old English )    = An ash tree enclosure

Aubrey ( French )          = A Bearlike or blond ruler

Avery ( English )            = An Elf ruler


The Most Popular Unisex Baby Names

Michael ( Hebrew )        = It is an emperor, king, and saints

Logan (Gaelic )             = A hollow. Logan becomes a Scottish Place Name.

Carter ( British )             = A great surname transporting goods

Avery ( British )             = An Elf counsel and medieval name for British names

Jayden ( Hebrew )         = A thankful and grateful feeling when the God will judge you with good things.

Madison ( British )         = A son of the mighty warrior and soldier.

Ryan ( Gaelic )              = A king

Julian ( Greek )             = It is a Jove’s child being a manly contender feeling strong and brave

Hunter ( British )            = It is a hunter and pursuer

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 The Letter of E

Elisha ( Hebrew )           = God is my salvation and savior

Ellery ( English )            = From the eider tree island

Emerson ( German )      = An industrious ruler

Erin ( Irish )                   = An Ireland area

Evan ( Irish )                 = A youth warrior and army


The Letter of L

Lane ( Old English )       = A narrow and small country road passed by the citizen

Lee ( Old English )         = A dweller near to the wood and clearing area

Leslie (Scottish )            = From the grey fortress and area

Lindsay ( Old English )   = Being an island of linden trees

Logan ( Irish )                = A dweller in a little hole and hollow

London ( Old English )   = Being a fortress

Lonnie ( German )         = Being ready for a battle

Lucian ( Latin )              = A bringer of the light

The Letter of T

Taylor ( French )            = It is a thing to cut

Terry ( Latin )                = Smooth, gentle, and soft

Tony ( Latin )                 = Worthy of the praise

Tory ( Old English )       = It is a victory of the winning

Tracy ( Greek )              = It is a harvester

Tyler ( French )             = It is a tile maker

Tyne ( Old English )       = It is a river in England

The Letter of W

Wallace ( English )        = It is a name of Wales

Wesley ( Old English )   = A clearing thing in the West

Whitney ( Old English ) = A white and peaceful island

Wynne ( English )          = A fair and white person

Those are some lists of Unisex baby names to choose for naming your baby boys and girls.

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