7 Health Tips to Getting Pregnant

tips to Getting pregnant

What are the health tips to getting pregnant? Pregnancy indeed depends on many factors that are sometimes unpredictable. In general, the chance of the sexually active women to be pregnant is from 15% to 25% every month. Of course, the biggest opportunity is during the fertile time, when the ovary releases the egg cells or known as the ovulation.

However, even if you have sex during that period, it doesn’t mean that you can automatically pregnant. Many things influence whether the conception is successful or not including the sperm and ovum quality, health, and even the mental conditions.

So, what are the ways how to get pregnant fast? Some tips below may help you. Check them out.

Check the Couple’s Health

Once you have a plan to have a baby, it is not bad to go to the doctor to checkup the health’s condition. It is not only for the women but also the men. Make sure to have a complete checkup regarding the reproduction system. When one of you has a problem in term of fertility, sure, it just lessens the chance of the woman being pregnant.

When any problems have been detected and diagnosed, they should be solved as soon as possible. Make sure to undergo what has been suggested by the doctor.

But in fact, there are many couples with no reproduction problem at all but they still find it difficult to have a baby. If this is also your problem, you may follow the next tip mentioned below.

Learn More about the Basic Knowledge of Pregnancy

Basic Knowledge of PregnancyStarting now, you can try to look for and learn about the basic knowledge of pregnancy. Some of them are as follow. The main and the most important knowledge is related to the ovulation. The ovulation normally happens on the 14th day after the menstruation. In this phase, the ovary may release the ovum or an egg cell and it moves to the fallopian tube.

The egg cell keeps on this area for around 24 hours to wait for the sperm. When the sperm never comes, it means that the conception will never be happened. Then, the egg cell will automatically crumbled by itself.

So, make sure to have such intense sex before the fertile time. This way, when the ovum is released, there are already sperms to the concept. However, if your menstruation period is not regular or predicted, you can find out the ovulation time with the help from the obstetrician.

Apply the Healthy Lifestyle

tips to Getting pregnantThere is no reason not to apply the healthy lifestyle. Mainly if you want to get pregnant fast, your physical and mental condition must be healthy. Again, it is not only for the women, the men must do the same thing also for the more qualified sperm cells produced.

For the smokers and alcoholics, it should also be the time to stop. In fact, alcohol and smoke can just affect the fertility whether of women and men. Based on some research conducted, the alcohol consumption can reduce the chance of pregnancy up to 50%.

Aside from that, consuming healthy foods which are full of nutrition is also important. Make sure that what you consume daily contains the balance nutrition including enough carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, minerals, and water.

Exercises are also necessary to be done around 2-3 times in a week. But make sure not to do a kind of too heavy workouts particularly for the women since in some cases, it may disturb the reproduction process as well as the pregnancy.

Consume the Supplements

It is not a must thing actually. If you intend to do so, be sure that it is under the doctor’s prescription. There are some supplements may need to be consumed to improve the fertility as well as keep the pregnancy.

The most important supplements are those that contain the folic acid. Meanwhile, there are also some types of vitamin that support the fertility of both men and women. They are vitamin C, D, and E. Those vitamins are proven to improve the sperm and ovum’s quality. Even the body’s health in general can also be maintained by enough consumption of those vitamins.

Schedule the Intercourse

It is not necessarily true that too much sex can make you pregnant faster also. In certain conditions, the sexual activities are even able to lower your reproduction’s health. Therefore, making a schedule of sex is important to do.

The schedule then should be arranged based on the women’s menstruation cycle. As it has been mentioned before, the ovulation happens around the 2 weeks after the menstruation. Then, the intense sex can just be done before the woman’s fertile time.

Do the Right Sex Position

It is not a myth; the sex position just influences your chances of pregnancy. Indeed, some women can just be easily pregnant with whatever the position she does with her partner. But since not all women are that lucky, the right position can just be really important here.

The best sex position for getting pregnant is when the man is on top. It is also suggested to use a pillow as the base of the woman’s hip. This position makes the cervix is filled by the sperm liquid after the ejaculation.

The sex position is also often related to the baby’s gender later. Although it is not clinically proven, how to get pregnant with a boy can be simply realized with the doggy style. Meanwhile, how to get pregnant with a girl is by applying the men on top position. One more thing, how to get pregnant with twins is by standing up position.

Well, you can just practice those positions anyway. But actually, the main factor of baby’s gender formation is related to the sperm’s type whether it is X or Y. It is then influenced more by the nutrition and body’s temperature rather than the sex position.

Relax and Reduce the Stress

The hectic schedules and tiring activities don’t only influence your health conditions physically but also mentally. So, to improve the chance of pregnancy, make sure to lessen all of them.

The more importantly, don’t be pressured too much with the expectations and demands of having the baby. The stress can affect the health of reproduction system. The worse thing, the pregnancy may be more difficult to be experienced.

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