Things to Know about Physical Examination for Newborn Babies

newborn assesment

You should know that complete physical examination was done since the first day of life to ensure that your newborn baby boy or girl in a very good condition. The type of examination is able to reveal specific problems or conditions. The first examination of a newborn baby might be the most complete. However, it might not the last as well. During the first newborn examination, then your health care provider will check the skin color, activity, alertness, muscle tone and try to look for any injury which might happen during the birth process.

Check the body temperature

Before giving birth, your body controlled your infant’s temperature as well. After birth, then your newborn baby should be able to maintain her or his temperature. After the amniotic fluid vanished from your baby, then they can lose the heat quickly. If they only have a low temperature, then they have to use the glucose in order to keep their body stay warm. This thing makes the glucose blood getting low that probably make the baby’s temperature getting lower even further. Of course, this situation is harmful to your newborn baby. Generally, your nurse will check the baby’s temperature first by using the thermometer under her or his armpit. To make baby’s temperature stay stable, then lay the baby in the warm crib along with temperature control.

Evaluate the size, age, gestational and weight

Your health care provider will check to find out whether or not your newborn baby was precisely corrected to the gestational age which been predicted during your pregnancy as well. If your baby has transparent and thin skin or having the downy hair known as the lanugo in the almost overall body, then they might be at premature side. In another hand, if the newborn baby has the peeled skin and there was ni vernix, then they might be post-term. Then the weight and size will be evaluated according to the gestational age.

Check hearth and lungs

newborn assesmentThe normal rate of newborn heart came from 90-140 beats per minute. Your health care provider will check whether or not your newborn baby in the normal heart rate and listen for any abnormal heart. Your provider also checks your newborn baby to know any signs of respiratory issues, such as irregular breathing, mucous membranes, grunting while breathing and so on.

Measuring weight and length

Your newborn baby would be weighed after a few first minutes of birth as well. After weighing your newborn baby, then the length, as well as head circumference, would be measured as well. You should know that all of these measurements would be compared according to the cart to ensure that everything is in a good condition a proportional as well.

Eyes and ears

The ears of the newborn baby might be folded or even pull out in many ways. You do not have to worry, because its actually normal and will go away over the time as well. Then your health care provider will check to ensure that your ears of a newborn baby are normal. Ears and eyes will be checked for their sizes and other abnormalities.


The mouth of a newborn baby would be checked as well. There are several newborn babies stuck tightly into their base of mouths. This is called as the tongue-tie and ever considered as speech and breastfeeding problem. However, there is no strong evidence that this is a case and many babies who have tongue-tie can breastfeed easily. The health provider also checks her or his gum and the palate ass well.

Newborn spine

A newborn baby will be checked for any evidence if she or he having spina bifida – is the neural tube defect where the area of the outside covering of the spine was not in a good condition or abnormal. There are several other physical examinations for your baby such as arms and legs, genitals, abdomen and anus, placenta, and umbilical. All things change compared before getting pregnant.

Meta Description: this information helps you to know what points should be checked in physical examination for a newborn baby. All of these examinations and measurements help you to ensure that your newborn baby is healthy and there is no something wrong during or after birth.

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