The Unique Baby Boy Names from All around the World

Unique Baby Boy Names

So, your newborn baby boy has been born and you are very happy with it? Congratulation, anyway. It must be one of the greatest moments ever in your life. There are indeed many things to be prepared to welcome the baby. Even before all of this, you may have read the tips to getting pregnant.

After the long wait, it is now the best time to give your baby boy a name. If you want such unique baby boy names with great meanings from all around the world, here we have the list. Check them out.

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Aaron (Hebrew)            : the lofty and the exalted one

Abner (Celtic)                : the lightened one

Aidan (Irish)                   : the fire, the little fire

Alvin (Old English)         : a very wise friend

Ambrose (Old English)  : the immortal one

Anwyll (Welsh)               : the loved ones

Aquila (Latin)                 : the eagle, the strong one

Arlo (Celtic)                   : the forted hill

Armand (French)            : the strong soldier

Arthur (Old English)       : the bear, the strong one

Axel (American)             : the father of peace


Baxter (Old English)      : the baker, the appealing one

Bertram (Celtic)             : the bright raven


Caleb (Welsh)                : the devotion to the God

Carney (American)        : the skillful tradesman, the inspiration

Cecil (Latin)                   : very appealing

Chester (Old English)    : the stunning town

Clyde (Scottish)             : the beautiful man


Damian (Latin)               : tame, gentle

Dashiell (Hebrew)          : a very beautiful boy

Dimitri (Russian)            : the love on the earth

Dylan (Irish, Welsh)        : the great wave on the sea


Elias (Hebrew)               : the blessed one

Elmer (Welsh)                : the strong rival

Ephraim (Hebrew)         : the wise one

Evan (Latin)                   : the gracious gift from the God


Felix (Latin)                   : the happy and lucky boy

Finley (Scottish)            : the white warrior

Ford (Old English)        : someone who is really beautiful and wise


Gavin (Irish)                   : strong in the battle

Gilbert (French)             : the shining pledge, the highest point


Harmon (Welsh)           : the soldier, the warrior

Homer (Greek)              : the pledge, the great hostage

Hutton (American)         : the rich and settled one


Isa (Hebrew, Arabic)      : the salvation


Jan (German)                : the gracious gift from the God

Jasper (Persian)            : the treasure keeper

Jayden (Irish)                : the strong one, the fire

Jett (American)             : the pure one, the protector


Larkin (Celtic)                : victory

Lazarus (Hebrew)           : God is my helper

Leo (Latin)                     : the strong one, a lion

Logan (Gaelic)               : the peaceful little hollow

Lucius (Roman)             : the light

Lyle (French)                 : the peak


Marcin (Latin)                : the king of war

Marvin (Finnish)             : the king of war, the strong one

Mason (Old English)      : the one who build the rock

Maverick (Welsh)           : the most beautiful man

Micah (Hebrew)             : the one who is loved by the lord

Milo (Celtic)                   : the merciful soldier, the adorable one

Morris (French)              : the dark skinned man with the lightened heart

Mortimer (Old English)  : the water


Niles (Persian)               : the water, the river

Noah (Hebrew)              : the rest, the comfort


Orion (Greek)                : Rising in the sky


Payton (American)         : the regal ring, the royal person

Pharrell (American)        : the strong and the heroic one

Phineas (Celtic)              : the face of trust

Phoenix (English)          : the holy bird born from the ashes


Quentin (Latin)               : the fifth, the regal boy


Reynard (Welsh)            : the most powerful and wise person

Rhett (Old English)        : the peaceful heart

Rio (Spanish)                 : the river

Rocco (Italian)               : the hard worker, the one who never feels sleepy

Ryan (Irish, Welsh)         : the little kin


Sage (Celtic)                 : the intelligent man

Sergei (Russian)            : the protector, the shepherd

Silas (Latin)                   : the forest


Terrence (American)       : very soft and tender

Theodore (Latin)            : the gift from the God

Tobias (Hebrew)            : the goodness from the God


Valentino (Latin)            : the little prince, the healthy prince

Van (American)              : the one who must comeback

Vincent (Latin)               : the one who conquers the land


Wren (Celtic)                 : the ruler


Zane (Hebrew)               : the gift from the God

Zayn (Arabic, Persian)   : the gift from the God

Zenith (English)             : the highest point.

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