42 weeks pregnant
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42 Weeks Pregnant

In the medical world, the normal period of labor is starting from 37 to 41 weeks. It is with some considerations that the baby’s inner and outer organs have been completed and they are able to work well. Unfortunately, 42 weeks mean that the pregnancy is no longer normal although [Read More]

41 weeks pregnant no signs of labor
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41 Weeks Pregnant

Aterm means that the infant has been formed perfectly whether they are the inner and outer organs. Meanwhile, the length and weight have also been around 36 cm and 3.3 kg respectively. Factors of 41 Weeks Pregnant No Signs of Labor Prolonged or post-term pregnancy is the term to mention the pregnancy [Read More]

40 weeks pregnant belly
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40 Weeks Pregnant

So, this is your happy due date because of 40 weeks pregnant is the official deadline. You have already prepared for the bassinet, packed your hospital bag, inserted the baby seat, even unisex baby names and many things to do. Now, you can take care of several last minute things, such as ensure that [Read More]

39 weeks pregnant signs of labor
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39 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby has achieved the full term, you might feel like you want to get this baby in the outside. But, your discomfort and impatience mothers to be experienced around 39 weeks pregnant and beyond it. This is the natural way to make you’re prepared mentally for delivery. You might remember on [Read More]

All about your 38 weeks pregnant
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38 Weeks Pregnant

If you feel like there is the lightning bolt running up and down into your vagina and legs, then you do not have to be panic at all. At your 38 weeks pregnant, your baby might be placed lower in your pelvis, it means that he or she was bumping most [Read More]

What are signs of labor at 37 weeks pregnant
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37 Weeks Pregnant

Around your 37 weeks pregnant, then there are many moms to be found out themselves to arrange their cupboards and the scrubbing floors as well this is a phenomenon that people referred to as the nesting. It might come from the instinctual – means that your body feels the baby will [Read More]

Get Prepared at 26 Weeks Pregnant
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36 Weeks Pregnant

Was it month 9 already? Then you may think that time is flying so fast. This is because your baby can decide to come any day, for now, you have to input the final preparation on your 36 weeks pregnant. Such as, if you choose the childbirth class on a few [Read More]

35 weeks pregnant
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35 Weeks Pregnant

Entering the 35 weeks pregnant, all moms must be really nervous to welcome the baby. The baby grows more rapidly and you should prepare anything for the labor, not only physically but also mentally. The baby’s growth and development during this week are actually still about the continuity of the previous [Read More]

34 weeks pregnant
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34 Weeks Pregnant

It seems like only yesterday, you and your husband talk about the programs and how to get pregnant. You are now already in the 34 weeks of the pregnancy. There are no longer annoying symptoms like nausea and vomiting. But since the labor is getting closer, you may feel a little [Read More]

33 weeks pregnant
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33 Weeks Pregnant

What happens to mom and baby during the 33 weeks of pregnancy? Entering the 33 weeks pregnant, there are so many wonderful things that the mom may experience. Some changes are happened in the mom’s body due to the baby’s development. Besides, you are also getting closer to the labor. 33 [Read More]