What Are Common Signs of Pregnancy with IUD?

signs of pregnancy with IUD

IUD is a T form of contraception set in the fetus to prevent a pregnancy. The effectiveness level of IUD reaches 99,7 percent so that it is fairly popular used among women who want to postpone a pregnancy. Nevertheless, women with IUD can still be pregnant though the possibility is low. What are signs of pregnancy with IUD to know?

Why Can Women Be Pregnant Though They Have Set IUD?

IUD is one of the most effective contraception tools with the failure level fewer than one percent in the first year of the usage. IUD is working by releasing the progestin hormone having a function to make the mucus in the fetus to stop sperm fertilizing the embryo so that the pregnancy will never happen. In a rare case, the pregnancy happens to the women setting IUD. It is caused that the position of IUD is moving in a half or full. This case happens to 5 percent of women every year during the first-year usage. That is why the doctor suggests the women use IUD for conducting monthly control. It is used to ensure that IUD has been set properly in the fetus.

Some doctors claim that IUD is not always protecting the women from the pregnancy risks after it has been set in the fetus. It is caused that IUD with hormone is effective to protect you from the pregnancy if it is set in the first seven days of the menstruation. If the hormonal IUD is put in the outside of menstruation period, the women require to use a type of the other contraception to prevent the pregnancy. One of the ways is using a condom. It must be worn for seven days after the setting of IUD.

The Signs of Pregnancy with IUD

signs of pregnancy with IUDThe pregnant women with IUD can have some signs of pregnancy with IUD. The symptoms are similar to the common pregnancy. The symptoms are a pain in the breast, nausea, and getting tired easily. Those are general symptoms of getting pregnancy though you have installed the IUD. If you feel one of those signs, you should contact the doctor to know the possibility of getting pregnant or not. As the beginning of the symptoms, you should conduct a pregnancy test at home earlier in order to recognize the signs of pregnancy with IUD quickly. After that, you can conduct a blood test in a laboratory to ensure it.

Actually pregnant women with IUD will have some signs of pregnancy with IUD like the others. Though the early symptoms of the pregnancy are similar to the other pregnant women. There are some signs of pregnancy to know.

1.    Breast pain due to the hormonal changes

2.    The women often get vomit and nausea like catching a cold sign to be a morning sickness

3.    The stomach will be bloating and twisting.

4.    Having headache frequently

5.    Slow menstruation period because the usage of IUD makes a menstruation properly

6.    A regular backache pain

7.    No appetite

8.    Often urinating

9.    Your stomach is cramp and sometimes occur the blood implantation

10.  Difficult to defecate.

Some Risks of Pregnancy with IUD

Running a pregnancy with the installation of IUD in fetus actually has dangerous risks for the pregnant women. There are about 50 percent of the pregnancy with IUD having the risks of miscarriage if the IUD has been let in its place. Thus, the doctors usually recommend IUD to lift in order to make the pregnancy continue. In addition, the pregnant women with IUD have risks of getting ectopic pregnancy. It is a condition of the egg fertilized attaching the outside of the fetus.

The condition is famously known to be pregnant wine. Most of the ectopic pregnancy end to be a miscarriage. The pregnancy with IUD must be monitored by the doctor to prevent the permanent damage on the female reproductive system. There are some signs of pregnancy with IUD to know when the IUD position is moving. Those are a longer IUD string, pain when having a sexual activity, bad cramps, vagina bleeding, and abnormal vaginal discharge. The vaginal discharge is a body way to clean the vagina. It can be a sign to be a wrong IUD position.

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