The Condition of Protein in Urine during Pregnancy

protein in urine during pregnancy

protein in the urine during pregnancy might be revealed when the pregnant women take the urine test during their regular visit to the doctor for the pregnancy check. It is an important part of the regular prenatal visit to the doctor because it will be useful for determining the infections as well as other conditions. The protein present in the urine during pregnancy must be checked and determined for ensuring that the kidney has normal functions during pregnancy. It is considered a normal condition if the protein present in the urine is just a small amount although it can also be a sign of other conditions.


When people are talking about the protein exists in the urine, the term of proteinuria must be understood properly. It refers to the excess amount of the protein which can be found in the urine. For identifying this, people should take the test called urinalysis. It is kind of tests which has a function for analyzing the constituents of the urine.

protein in urine during pregnancyIt does not mean that the pregnant women must have a big worry when the results said that there some protein appears in the urine. Proteinuria can be signed if there are more than 300mg of protein loss in the urine. It may become an indication of the kidney disease which can be caused by the blood filtration which does not work properly.

There are two types of proteinuria actually. The first one is the chronic proteinuria which actually can be found before the pregnancy. It can occur because of the kidney disease which occurs before the pregnancy. The identification can be done before the 20 weeks of the conception. The next one is the onset proteinuria which can be found during the pregnancy and it is associated with the condition called preeclampsia.


There are several conditions which can cause proteinuria. Nevertheless, people should understand that basically, the kidneys have the functions for filtering the waste products from the blood. The components needed by the body such as proteins are still retained. The conditions below might make the kidneys allow the proteins to leak into the urine.

The protein in the urine during pregnancy can be caused by the preeclampsia condition. In fact, a preeclampsia condition can be diagnosed by the symptoms which include the protein excess in the urine and the high blood pressure. This condition can occur after the 20 weeks of pregnancy. There will not be other symptoms which can be found. However, pregnant women can suffer from headaches, nausea, vomiting, vision blurring, abdominal pain, decreased urination, and swollen face and hands. In fact, severe preeclampsia can cause multiple organs failure including lungs, heart, eye, brain, liver, and kidneys.

The proteinuria can also be caused by eclampsia. This condition can be found with the generalized seizures which happened along with the preeclampsia. The convulsions or seizures can be found not only during labor but also before and after it. Immediate intervention is needed because this condition is kind of obstetrical emergency.

HELLP syndrome can also be the culprit of the proteinuria. It is actually the variant of the preeclampsia condition. It is important to pay attention to this condition greatly because it is a pregnancy complication which can threaten life. The syndrome comes from the characteristics including hemolysis (RBC breakdown), elevated liver enzymes, and low count of the platelet. The common symptoms of this condition are similar to the preeclampsia. This syndrome can cause various serious complications from the kidney and liver damage to the placental abruption. The risk of this syndrome can be increased by the preeclampsia syndrome. There are several adverse outcomes which can be led by this condition such as the newborn death, the restriction or intrauterine, the stillbirth, the premature birth, and the low birth weight.

Infection of the kidney or urinary tract can also cause the protein present in the urine during pregnancy. For knowing if they have this condition, the pregnant mother should check whether they have the frequent urinating urge. If they have urinating discomfort, it can be the sign of the urinary tract infection. It is important to treat this condition properly so it will not cause the kidney infections which can lead chills, nausea, vomiting, and back pain. Since it can affect the baby, it is necessary to understand protein in the urine during pregnancy.

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