Pregnancy Symptoms Week 1 Facts

weeks 1 of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a roller coaster and exciting journey so it is quite understandable if most women would ignore the pregnancy symptoms week 1. After all, not everyone would be prepared for such a condition. Aside from the fact that they may not realize that they are conceiving, the symptoms aren’t too apparent when it is still in the very early period. So, what should you know about it?

The Condition

A lot of people say that one week pregnant doesn’t count as being pregnant at all. If you have heard such a thing before, you should know that there is no such a thing. No matter whether you are one week pregnant or 36 weeks pregnant, you are still pregnant. Period. Anyone who says such a thing is a fool.

It is pretty difficult to pinpoint exactly about pregnancy symptoms week 1. You see, pregnancy starts from the very first day of the last period – the reason is that of the complicated conception and ovulation matters. So, when you consult the doctor, you may get this kind of idea: 1-week pregnant usually means that you are still on your period and you haven’t been pregnant just yet. The conceiving happens in week two or even three – it depends on the menstrual cycle, which can be different from one person to another.

In the event that you find out that you are conceiving, you probably think that it is your first week for the pregnancy. However, in reality, it is possible that you are already four weeks pregnant. If you want to be sure about the age of your pregnancy, your best shot is to go to your obgyn and have a thorough check.

The Symptoms of Pregnancy at 1 Week

pregnancy symptoms week 1
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If you are super aware of your own condition, you are probably aware of the changes happening to your body. There are some of the symptoms of pregnancy at 1 week. You may realize that the symptoms are similar to the symptoms when you are on your period. It is not really surprising or odd if you refer back to the previous explanation about the condition when you are still a week pregnant. Just like your periods, the symptoms may vary to three days or even seven days.

The pregnancy symptoms week 1 may include vaginal bleeding, which you may mistake as the period. It happens when the unfertilized last month’s egg is still sticking to the uterine line. This vaginal bleeding happens when the body is shedding off this unfertilized egg. The other symptoms may include:

  • Cramps and pain in the lower back area. This is the common thing that happens because the uterus is contracting. When it happens, it is common for the abdomen and the back to ache.
  • Mood swings. Irritability is common because of the hormone fluctuation – as well as the changes happening to your body. Not everyone is happy with the changes.
  • Bloating. Bloated is a common issue, again because of the hormones. It shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you, considering that you will likely suffer from it during the period – before and during.
  • A headache. This is also a common sign, which is related to the hormones. To get prepared, you can have relaxation exercises, ice packs, or over the counter medicines.

Getting Prepared

For those who expect to get pregnant, they may have been aware of the changes happening to their body so they may notice these symptoms. However, many aren’t really prepared because they may not think that pregnancy can happen pretty soon or right away. These people are generally not really aware of the changes happening to their body. When they do realize it, the pregnancy may have entered the four weeks or even five weeks period.

However, if you are aware of the changes on the very stage of the pregnancy, the pregnancy symptoms week 1 would be obvious. And it would be wise if you can stop any unhealthy habit – if any. If you drink or smoke, it would be a good idea to stop. If you like to consume excessive caffeine, it should be stopped. In general, pregnant moms are still allowed to consume one or two cups of coffee a day but each person has different tolerance and body’s ability. It’s better to consult your doctor about this matter.

It’s great if you can take supplements, including the prenatal vitamins. Don’t forget to have a regular check with your doctor. If you do this, it is most likely that your doctor will prescribe you the vitamins and supplements. You can discuss their contents to know their benefits. It is also important to relieve yourself from any pressure, burden, or stress. The pregnancy is just an early stage of your new life. Besides being prepared, you also need to calm and chill – don’t over fuss everything. The pregnancy symptoms week 1 can be your early mark to start planning your life (and the future) ahead.

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