Tips to Solve the Problem of Newborn Won’t Sleep

newborn won't sleep

Some parents may have several unique experiences related to their newborn won’t sleep. Actually, in this article, we have several interesting tips to put your baby to sleep. When your baby gets better sleep, you will notice some more tolerant and more patient parents because they also have a good nap. Or you may take a look on our article on how to get pregnant.

My baby won’t sleep: Swaddle

Naturally, from birth up to about five months of age, the baby will gain the startle reflex. It gives them the feeling like they are falling. That sensation causes some jerking movements of them and later the baby will wake up, incidentally. You can keep a tight swaddle around to prevent your baby gets startling and makes themselves awake. It will also help them to get a better yet longer sleep too. The swaddle will make them feel like snuggling in a rug. There are various brands and kinds of swaddle you find on the market.

Later, this routine could be faded away eventually especially if the baby is able to get out from the swaddle and roll over. But actually, swaddling your baby will give them a warm and more peaceful sleeping environment.

Newborn baby not sleeping: Dreamfeednewborn won’t sleep

If your newborn won’t sleep, you can give the dreamfeed. Dreamfeed is basically the feeding session you give to your baby right before they sleep time. It will help to prevent them to wake up just right after the mother tries to sleep. Besides, this is like the top reason for sleep deprivation, right? This is why the dreamfeed could be a great way to help to prevent night wake up in newborns. Mostly, the babies have better sleep or fixed newborn sleep schedule after 4 months of age.

Newborn won’t sleep at night: Limit the nap length during the day

Waking up the baby who is sleeping soundly seems really hard and rude. But it could cost you a nighttime sleep if you let them sleep too long during the day. For me, napping is not as much as 2 hours straight. After it reached that number, I will wake my baby immediately and feed him. Keeping them awake can be done by talking to the baby and after a while, you can lay the baby down again before they take another nap. Breaking up the nap during the day will make your newborn gets better sleep, which makes you get another better sleep too.

Use white noise

Evidence shows that there are some babies who can fall asleep and stay asleep after they are listening to certain types of noise. It could be from a vacuum cleaner, a fan, or even a hairdryer. If your baby is this kind of baby then you should give it a try. The noise should not have to be too close to the baby but make sure it is located in the same room after all. Other than that, it could be a great trait especially when you take a trip with your big family, which will be hard to ask them to stay quiet during the trip though.

Follow the cycle of eating, wake, and sleep

newborn won’t sleepThe cycle will give you more than one purpose. It allows the full feeding by letting baby to immediately eating after waking up. Basically, the baby will have the best energy after waking up and it makes them get more inclined to have a full feeding and go longer before another feeding. Other than that, by feeding them after sleep instead of before sleep will prevent their thought about the association between food and sleep time.

Change the diapers strategically

Changing their diaper before the feeding session at the midnight will prevent them from too much wake up after feeding. When they wake up, you can change the diaper and put the swaddle on to prepare the baby for another sleep after the feeding session at night. If the diaper is changed after the feeding, they will be awake like for longer. They will hardly fall asleep and you have no sleep at all. So, these are the tips from us for you who struggle with newborn won’t sleep and hopefully, this could help you.

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