What Are the Causes of Newborn Diarrhea That You Should Know?

newborn diarrhea

Newborn diarrhea is a problem faced by some newborn babies. Many parents guess that the newborn often suffers diarrhea due to some health signals. The diarrhea is a cause of the death of a newborn. The newborn diarrhea is caused by some things. As a wise mother, you need to know it well.

Newborn Diarrhea Occurs

Diarrhea happens when your newborn issues liquid feces and sometimes it is more frequent. Sometimes, it has mucus and included vomit. The diarrhea is happened due to viral infection or bacteria on the newborn. The infection can affect your newborn through foods or contacts to the contaminated feces. Diarrhea is a signal of a particular disease and incompatibility of baby’s food though it rarely happens. The diarrhea is caused by medicine side effects such as an antibiotic, immune system, and many more for some newborn. What causes diarrhea in newborn must be known in order to do some anticipations.

Symptoms of Newborn Diarrhea

Newborn diarrhea is generally caused by many things. As a smart mother, you have to recognize it in order to find the caring ways. However, you have to know the symptoms of newborn diarrhea first. You have to know it lately at week 14 pregnancy.  It is the same as the general disease affecting a newborn baby boy or girl. Here are some symptoms of newborn diarrhea.

  1. Newborn are vomiting abnormally and does it frequently
  2. Newborn looks weak though you have breastfed him
  3. The newborn’s feces has black, red, or white color
  4. Newborn gets fever more than 39-degree Celcius
  5. There are some dehydration symptoms such as dry mouth, no tears when crying, dry baby skin texture, and less frequency of urinating.

What Causes of Newborn Diarrhea

newborn diarrheaThere are actually various causes of newborn diarrhea. Diarrhea on a newborn is generally caused by complex things. One of the causes is about infection of the intestine organ caused by the attack of virus, bacteria, or parasite. Those are attacking your newborn digestion through foods or clothes. When your newborn is born, his body immune system is at a growing level so that the risks of diarrhea on the newborn will often happen. One of the ways to handle it is detecting a feces texture at the normal condition or otherwise. It is useful to prevent a diarrhea problem of the newborn. It is better to always keep the newborn body health condition to avoid some possibilities happened.

Recognizing your newborn suffering diarrhea is actually difficult because he only drinks mom milk. It causes his feces issued forming liquid like diarrhea. Nevertheless, it doesn’t always get like that. If you want to know that it is a diarrhea condition or not, you should estimate the amount of produced feces, texture, and aroma. If it changes abnormally, your newborn suffers diarrhea. You have to check your newborn condition with your doctor. If it lets, it affects seriously.

The Treatment of Newborn Diarrhea

A treatment of newborn diarrhea should be carried out based on its causes. Sometimes, the changes in eating pattern are enough to overcome a diarrhea problem. In some cases, your newborn requires a medicine to cure it. Don’t give a medicine for your newborn except your doctor because it is risky and dangerous. If newborn diarrhea runs for a while, you must take it to the doctor.

There are some tips to do for its treatment. If your newborn can drink breast milk, you have to breastfeed normally. If your newborn is vomit, you may need to breastfeed it less but more often. If you are breastfeeding directly, it means that you must breastfeed shortly. To prevent a dehydration, you need to give your newborn with a liquid medicine like electrolyte while he is eating. You may change the milk with the liquid medicine.

If you give a formula milk product to your newborn and he is still diarrhea for more than 2 weeks, you must change his formula milk. It needs to discuss with your newborn doctor if there are some health problems. Diarrhea and vomit are usually an infection signal. The infection usually affects it quickly and badly. It is important to cure him as soon as possible. Those are some ways of the causes of diarrhea and steps on treating your newborn diarrhea.

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