Indian Baby Names for Your Baby Girls and Boys

Indian Baby Names

Indian baby names become a right option for naming your baby girls and boys. It looks like a unique name list in which it is derived from Indian names. There are several inspirations of the names for your baby girls and boys.

How to Pick Out Indian Baby Names

There are some ways of selecting Indian baby names for your baby girls and boys. What are they? Firstly, it must have a meaning. Most of the Indian names have certain meanings. It has great names. If you have a baby girl or boy, it must take a beautiful meaning to represent each name. If you want to take a foreign name. It needs to be appropriate for your local culture. The names must blend to the surrounding and local culture.

The List of Indian Baby Names

There are some options for Indian baby names to choose from. Every name has its own meaning. It can be used for naming your baby girl and boys.

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Indian Baby Names for Baby Girls

Agila                 = It is a globe, universal, and world

Prafula              = It is meant to be a cheerful, pleasant, and in bloom girl

Kshipra             = It is a river being one of the sacred rivers in India and refers purity

Aaloka              = It becomes a cry of a victory in a winning moment

Aahna               = Exist

Aadhira             = Being a beautiful moon

Aaakaanksha    = Desire, willingness, and wish

Aaaandhi          = It is always happy, joyful, and fun

Aaral                = A beautiful flower

Aaradhya          = Worshipped

Aarzoo              = It is a wish of one

Aaruthira           = Softness, mellowness, and tranquility

Aaryahi             = A goddess of Durga

Aasmi               = I am and yourself

Aashi                = A beautiful and peaceful smile

Aashirya           = From the land of the God

Aashna             = A beloved and cherished person

Aatmaja            = A daughter

Aavani              = The earth and world especially a Hinduism world

Abhibhushpam = An amazing and astonishing flower on the land

Abha                = The everlasting and lustrous beauty of the girl

Abhnandana     = Happiness, and congratulation on lucky moments

Abhilasha          = An ambition and desire

Abiradhi            = A delight, pleasure, happiness, joy, and hilarity

Adarsha            = An ambition, desire, and aspiration

Bhanupriya       = A beloved girl of the sun

Bhanumathi      = It is full of fame and luster

Bhavana           = A good feeling and sentiment

Bhilangana        = A river in India

Bhavika            = A cheerful expression

Charvi               = A beautiful and nice girl

Charusmita       = A girl or one with a really beautiful smile

Chitralekha       = A beautiful one like a nice picture

Daya                = A kindness and mercy

Ekaa                 = It is a matchless situation

Elakshi             = It is a woman or girl with intelligent and beautiful eyes

Eshita               = One desiring to anything

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Indian Baby Names for Boys

Aarav               = It is a modern name with the meaning of a wisdom and peaceful condition

Vivaan              = It means to be the first light of the son.

Aditya               = It has a meaning of the sun and beginning

Vihaan              = It is a dawn or beginning of the new era

Arjun                = It is an honor, courageous, and bright

Reynash           = It means to be a ray of the light being another name option of Lord Vishnu

Muhammad       = It is a Muslim Indian name meaning to be the praised one

Sai                   = It is meant to be divine

Arnav               = The ocean

Ayaan               = A good luck and destiny

Aryan               = It means to be a noble

Ansh                 = It means that a musical note

Shaurya            = Brave and strong

Madhavaditya   = It means to be of the springtime

Dhruv               = It refers to a pole star for the baby boys

Krishna             = It means to be a great source and inspiration

Krish                 = Meant to be qualities of the charm, intellect, and wit

Atharv               = It means to be the first Veda

Ishaan              = It means to be the sun and harbinger of the riches

Raahitya           = It means to be a wealthy man

Kabir                = It is a great man

Rudra               = A remover of the pain

Those are some Indian baby names for baby girls and boys to inspire you naming your babies.

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