Highlights of ICD 10 Code for Pregnancy Updates

icd 10 code for pregnancy

icd 10 code for pregnancy must be paid attention very carefully especially since there were new updates used since the first day of October 2018. There were over 30 updates which can be found particularly for the obstetrics and gynecology field. The changes cover various things from the maternal depression to the uterine disorders. It is better to get more details to understand the code updates. Here are the highlights of the updates.

Coding Options for Multiple Gestation Pregnancy

The changes of pregnancy coding can be found on the latest updates and people can find that it includes the sole revision as well as 12 added codes. They can find that the code number for O00212 is kept but this code number has the lone revision for its definitions modification. They will find left ovarian pregnancy with intrauterine pregnancy instead of left ovarian pregnancy without intrauterine pregnancy which can be found in the previous version.

icd 10 code for pregnancyThe additional codes can be found in the O30 set. They can find the code for triplet pregnancy (trichorionic or triamniotic) including 131 for the first trimester, 132 for the second trimester, 133 for the third trimester, and 139 for the unspecified trimester.

There are also added codes for quadruplet pregnancy (quadrachorionic or quadra-amniotic) which include 231 for the first trimester, 232 for the second trimester, 233 for the third trimester, and 239 for the unspecified trimester. For other multiple gestations which are specified, the number of fetuses will be equal to the chorions and amnions number. The added codes include 831 for the first trimester, 832 for the second trimester, 833 for the third trimester, and 839 for the unspecified one.

Confusing Wording

There might be a time when people are confused about the words which can be found from the updates of icd 10 code for pregnancy, it is better to know more about the key terms of anatomy. What do charions mean? They are the outer membranes which have functions for covering the embryo as well as amnion. Along with amnions, chorions will form the amniotic sac.

It is important to make sure that the fetus number is exactly the same with the chorions and amnions number. It is possible that the fetuses grow in the different amniotic sacs but they are still in the same chorions. That is why it is also necessary to pay attention to the exact number of the chorions and amnions.

Coding Updates for Prenatal Depression

There are several additions which can be found in the codes of maternal depression. F53.1 replaced F53 which represented Puerperal psychosis. The code is different but the description is still the same. However, it is important to remember that this condition is also known as postpartum psychosis. The added code is F53.0 which represented postpartum depression.

There are two more additional codes which can be found for two new screening of depression. The first one is Z13.31 which is used for the encounter for screening for depression. The second one is Z13.32 for the encounter for screening for maternal depression.

New Codes for Sexual Exploitation

The codes about sexual exploitations can be found in the Z codes. The codes are new and they will find a slight difference between both new codes. First, 813 are used for the personal history of sexual exploitation in childhood. Next, 42 are used for the personal history of sexual exploitation.

New Codes for Doubling of the Uterus

The doubling of the uterus is kind of abnormality which is rare to find. Women who are in this condition can still complete the pregnancy in full term. However, there are some risk factors which can be found associated with the doubled uterus. There are new codes which are added for this condition. They will find it specified as Q51 codes.

The condition of another doubling of the uterus will be represented with 2 while the condition of another uterus doubling which is not specified will use code 20. If there is another complete uterus doubling, the code will be 21. Code 22 is used for other partial uterus doubling and code 28 is used for other uterus doubling and other unspecified. Although the terms of other and unspecified can be confusing, the physician can be followed up for resorting to the codes of other from the icd 10 code for pregnancy.

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