4 Important Keys of How to Get Pregnant

how to Get Pregnant

Many women look for the secrets of how to get pregnant. The key that sometimes is being forgotten is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Pay attention to know the ovulation time, stop taking birth control, and know the best time for sex are also important to have a successful development of an embryo inside.

What are the secrets of how to get pregnant? Many women sometimes forget the basic keys that are actually related to their own body’s health. Here are 4 secrets to prepare your body to go through a pregnancy journey.

Have a healthy lifestyle

This is the most important thing you need to maintain well if you want to get pregnant. Having a healthy lifestyle can increase your opportunity for getting pregnant. It is no longer a secret that your body will change a lot during and after pregnancy. That’s why you have to make sure that the beginning of the pregnancy journey will be in the perfect shape. These are some healthy ways you need to pay attention to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Do exercise regularly

Start your habits to do healthy exercise now! You need to prepare your body in the best way to get pregnant. Squeezing is one of the smallest forms of exercise that can help your rate’s heart up and it can make your body healthy. Whatever forms of exercise you are doing, make sure to not overdo it. Some studies show that women who did extreme exercise can lead to infertility and messy cycle of menstruation.

  • See your dentist and doctor

Believe it or not, your dentist can contribute a lot to your pregnancy journey. Some studies have shown that gum disease can be strongly related to premature babies and underweight. Pregnancy also needs strong and healthy gums and teeth. And in order to have that, your dentist can help you with it by making sure that the hygiene of your oral is excellent before you try to get pregnant. Meanwhile, your midwife or ob-gyn is really useful to be your personal advisor related to tips to get pregnant fast. If you need to discuss with her about any history of infertility in your family, you can ask her opinion too.

  • Consume vitamins of prenatal

Some women may think that it is too soon to consume prenatal vitamins. But, inside the vitamins, there are important nutrients and folic acid that can help the baby’s strength in the first step of development. These vitamins also can support the survival of the first embryo after ovulation and fertilization. Ask your ob-gyn to give you a prescription of prenatal vitamins. You can also simply ask her suggestion of the best prenatal vitamins in a drugstore. Consuming foods that contain high folate are also essential for you. They are including beans, strawberries, orange juice, and spinach.

  • Be careful with your caffeine consumption

If you are one of those people who can’t live without caffeine, we still have the good news. You don’t need to stop taking caffeine 100%. But, you need to remember that the ideal consumption of caffeine, if you want to get pregnant, is from 1 – 2.cups per day. One of the reasons why women are infertile is because of too much caffeine.

how to Get Pregnant

Know your ovulation time

Knowing the time when you are most fertile which is in your ovulation time is the secret how to get pregnant fast. These are several ways how to track when your ovulation time begins.

  • When does it happen?

There is no better idea instead of understanding how your ovulation works. It will help you notice any symptoms and signs that happen in your body. Sometimes many women think that ovulation happens on the 14th day when their period begins. But, you need to remember that it will happen if the cycle of your menstruation is consistent every month. The cycle of menstruation in every woman is different especially about the average cycle that can last between 24 to 35 days.

  • What can I use to track my ovulation?

Have you ever heard about a fertility or ovulation calculator? You can use it to find out the length of your cycle in order to get pregnant. What you need to do is to insert the data of the data when your period happens on the first day in several months. After that, the calculator will count the average of your menstruation cycle and you can see the pattern when you ovulate. Usually, you are the most fertile 24 hours or around five days after menstruation. This type of calculator will also help you to highlight and remind you of the day you have the highest chance to get pregnant.

  • What are the symptoms of ovulation?

The key to finding out when your body is ready to get pregnant is to feel your own body. Here are the symptoms of ovulation to help you listen to your body when it is ready.

  1. Increase libido
  2. Light spotting
  3. Stretchy, clear cervical mucus
  4. Bloating
  5. Heightened of smell, sight, or taste
  6.   Breast tenderness and sensitivity
  7. A sustained and sudden basal increase in your body temperature
  8. Change in cervical position and firmness
  9. Bloatingovulation time

Don’t consume birth control

“We’re more effective than birth control pills”

In order to get pregnant, you need to stop taking any of birth control. It is very clear that fertility cannot come fast just like that using any types of birth control. Your body will be ready for pregnancy if you have removed a non-hormonal IUD. But, if you have been using it or any types of birth control, you need to wait until your body is back to normal.

Don’t consume birth control

Choose the best time for sex

Last but not least, you need to make sure when is the right time to hit the bed with your partner if you are trying to conceive. It is also wrong that having sex in so many times will raise the chance to get pregnant. Many experts say that have sex every other day, once a day and during your fertile time after ovulation or right before it is the way to get pregnant fast. If you do it too often, the amount of sperm of your partner will get lower. And what will happen if you don’t get enough sperm? It can’t swim fast and old and the conceive process won’t be successful.

A healthy lifestyle and listen to your body are the keys to how to get pregnant fast. Always remember that your body is better without pills or any types of birth control. Hitting the bed with your partner in the “right time” is another key to succeed the pregnancy journey.

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