How to Burp a Newborn

how to burp a newborn

When your little one gets colicky, then you might know what it feels like spend hours by walking around the room while trying to comfort the beloved one in your shoulder. There are many pediatricians told that your baby has to be burped. Therefore you also need to know about how to burp a newborn. You are ane to pat your newborn’s back until you feel that your hand aches, trying something to soothe the colicky baby is so relieving. However, what’s parent can do when the baby will not burp? Then you can check the information below.

Why does your baby burp?

The best analogy for the burping was by comparing it with the sida can contain carbon dioxide gas being trapped in the bottom. In order to release the bubbles inside the can, then you should tap it can until you hear the fizz sound throughout the open slot. Then for baby, he or she ingesting the air as they drink, where the air was trapped inside her or his belly.

Why does your baby need to burp?

Because your newborn baby girl or boy has the sphincter which is still undeveloped inside their esophagus, it will stip them from burping the air on their way. If someone cannot do for them, then the gas will move to the intestines which cause stomach discomfort. You have to burp a baby during or after feeding in order to remove the air.

When you have to burp your baby?

The best time to burp your baby is usually during the feeding and after feeding to remove that gas. If you are breastfeeding your baby, then you can burp your baby by switching the breast during you feeding her or him. If you give bottle feeding, the burping your baby in each one 30 mL or twice 60 mL of formula. Both breastfeeding and bottle feeding, ensure that you make your baby burping after eating. If your baby has problems with gas, then she or he is colicky or even throw up.

The best positions of burping

how to burp a newbornThere are two common positions for burping: they are over your shoulder or sit on your lap. You can try out these positions to see which one is most comfortable for you and most effective to burps stay away from your baby:

  • Get her or him over your shoulder, you are able to hold your baby over your shoulder, directing toward you. Then use one hand to lift your baby and another hand to burp, ensure that her or his head was well supported
  • Sit in your lap, sit your baby in your lap, using your arms and hand in order to support the baby’s head and body. You can use your another hand to burp your baby in the back as well.

So, how to burp your little one?

After you are in a good position as mentioned above, then you can start to burp your little baby. You can pat your baby’s back gently for a few minutes. Then for a newborn baby, ensure that you support baby’s head and baby’s neck as well. If your baby starts to fussy and has not burped at all, then you can stop and let them lay on in your lap around a minute and try to burp again. Change your baby’s position also can help to remove the gas bubbles in a better position to rid of.

What should you do if burping baby is not enough?

If burping does not relieve your baby’s inconvenience, then you can try for other techniques and positions in order to make the gas moving. You can give a gentle massage or pushing baby’s legs back and forth when your baby lay with his or her back. The let your baby stay in her stomach when she or he wakes up also can help. Choose healthier lifestyle compared to your lifestyle before getting pregnant.

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