How Early Can You Detect Pregnancy?

How Early Can You Detect Pregnancy

Having a baby especially for the new husband-wife will complete their life. Baby is the best gift which they are dreaming of. Most of the women always waiting for one of the best moment in her life to get pregnant. They will feel very happy once they know they are in pregnant from the positive result of the pregnancy test. But, sometimes some womens are not aware that they are in pregnant especially in the early week. Then, they just realize and surprise that the age of their pregnancy already 2 months or 3 months, even 4 months. It is because they don’t know how to detect their pregnancy and not aware with the sign which is usually they don’t feel it.

You will get pregnant when the egg cells which are released from your ovary is fertilized by sperm cells of your husband. This can’t be known directly and immediately as the pregnancy can only be known after you release the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. This HCG hormone will be removed after the fertilized egg sperm stick to the uterine wall and this is the time when the pregnancy can be detected by a pregnancy test or test pack. So that, after ovulation some women will not get feeling or sign that they are in pregnant.

If the pregnancy test shows two of red line then congratulations as you are in pregnant or positive. But, if the pregnancy test shows one of red line then you need to wait a couple of days or weeks to do a retest and see the result again. Once you know that you are late in the period after one or two weeks from your normal date, then you can directly do the pregnancy test. All the pregnancy tests will measure the amount of HCG hormone to show either you are in pregnant or not. Some of the pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others. The more sensitive of your pregnancy test, it can detect the HCG hormone better even it still in low amount especially in the early of your pregnant. It is about 2 days after the egg cells are fertilized.

How to choose the best pregnancy test which gives you a better result? The sensitivity level of pregnancy test can be seen on the packaging which shows the unit of measure mIU/ML (Mili-International Unit per liter). Generally, the sensitivity of the pregnancy test is about 10 mIU/ML up to 40 mIU/ML. The lower the number, it is the more sensitive of the pregnancy test kit is. With the most sensitive of the pregnancy test, it can detect your pregnancy better and earlier. So, that it is important for you to know how much mIU/ML of the pregnancy test which you bought from the drugstore.

There are two kinds of pregnancy test, first, it uses urine and the second it uses your blood. Both urine and blood can be measured to know how much the amount of your HCG hormone to detect your pregnancy. Below is the explanation for each kind of pregnancy test:

1.Test by Using Urine (Test Pack)

test packThe pregnancy test which use urine to detect the HCG hormone is called a test pack. You can do this test in your home easily and no need to go to the doctor. You just need to collect your morning and put the test pack in the urine until the maximum limit which has been marked on that test pack. Wait until 5 up to 8 seconds and then take the test pack out. After that, the test pack will show signs such as line changes, color changes, and plus-minus symbols which indicate whether you are pregnant or not.

You can do this test start from the first day up to tenth days you got late from your menstruation period. If you do the test too early, it will show you negative result even though you are in pregnant. To get the best result, it is recommended for you to do it some days after getting a late period and do it in the first urine in the early morning when you wake up. This test pack has the accurate up to 97% if you do it correctly. But, if it is not correct when you do the test pack or too early then the result will not as accurate as you do with the procedure. If the test shows the negative result but you feel the signs of pregnancy such as late period, morning sicks, headache, then just wait a week more to do the retest or go to the doctor.

2. Test by Using Blood

pregnancy test using bloodIf you want to do this test, you have to check it with a doctor as this test is more effective and can be done earlier than the urine test. You can do the test around 6 up to 8 days after the ovulation which the fertilization might occur when you last had sex. But, you will not know the result directly as if you do the test by urine. It is because the blood needs to be checked in a laboratory to know the quantitative HCG and qualitative HCG.

How it can detect the pregnancy? The quantitative test will measure the amount of HCG hormone in the blood, while the qualitative test will see either there is HCG hormone in the blood or not. The test will get a positive result around 3 – 4 days after the egg cell is fertilized by the sperm and stick to the uterus. It is about 9 – 10 days after you have sex.

There are some factors which can affect the result of the test, they are as below:

  • When the egg cell sticks to the uterus. When the egg cell is fertilized by the sperm and stick to the uterus, HCG hormone starts to be released and the amount is increasing. It needs around one week after last had sex until it sticks to the uterus and releasing HCG hormone.
  • How much you drink. The HCG hormone in urine depends on how much you drink. If you are too much in drinking, it is possible the HCG hormone become less as the urine too aqueous and it will show the negative result.
  • HCG hormone levels in the blood. Each person will have different varieties of hormone HCG which affect the accurateness of the pregnancy test. It will need more time to get the positive result if your HCG hormone is low in your blood
  • The sensitivity of the urine test. The sensitivity levels of each test pack are different to detect the HCG hormone. It is better for you if you read the sensitivity levels and instructions on the package before doing the test.

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