Making Homemade Pregnancy Test With The Ingredients That You Can Easily Find

Homemade Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy is one of the most anticipated things for every married couple. Moments where when you know that you are pregnant with a prospective baby as if making all the moments in your life stop at that moment and your happiness gathered in that one moment. Because there are so many other couples who are still trying and waiting for the moment, it will certainly make you understand how beautiful the moment is.

Especially if the pregnancy comes in accordance with your plan along with your partner when you are ready and indeed waiting for the presence of the baby candidates to perfect the happiness of life in your household. And of course, you must be prepared to be given extra attention by your husband who often makes you smile or sometimes can be annoyed by yourself for being outrageous.

Do we have to make sure whether it really is a positive pregnancy? Because many couples are also often fooled by the signs given because the signs of symptoms initially are very similar to the monthly menstruation of women. For this reason, we must ensure the pregnancy with a pregnancy test. You can buy it at the nearest pharmacy or you can also do a medical test to find out if you are pregnant or just get your monthly ‘guests’.

And do you know, it turns out that in addition to buying a common pregnancy test kit we can find in the nearest pharmacies, we can also make a homemade pregnancy test? Only by using natural ingredients that you can find around you, maybe even you have it in your home right now. This pregnancy test also proves to be accurate when compared to pregnancy tests that are carried out using common pregnancy tests that are sold on the market or medically. However, in order to function properly, it is a good idea to do a test when you will urinate the first time. Come on, let’s check what we can use to be another alternative in conducting a pregnancy test? This article will discuss this information for you.

1. Clothes whitener

What? clothes whitener?. It turns out that the clothes whiteners that you normally use to wash your husband’s clothes that are stained so that they return white and clean can be used as one of the natural ingredients that function as a pregnancy test. Although there is still a lot of debate over whether the test is accurate enough to be trusted, many mothers use it as one of the first ways to detect pregnancy before using the actual pregnancy test.

And how to make a homemade pregnancy test using liquid clothes whitener which is very easy, you can simply use a container to store your urine and then pour the liquid clothes whitener into the container. If your urine does not remove foam, then the chances are negative. However, if your urine emits foam, then chances are your results are positively pregnant. It’s easy, isn’t it?

2. Sugar

In addition to clothes whitener, apparently, there are more natural ingredients that can be used for homemade pregnancy tests. And these ingredients are very commonly found in your home’s kitchen. Is that? Sugar. Yes, apparently one of the basic ingredients in this kitchen can be used as an alternative if there is no commercial pregnancy test. Besides being used to make dishes and loyal friends of tea, sugar turns out to give a typical reaction when urine contains hCG.

How the sugar works? Very easy, for the first step you can prepare pure white sugar for more accurate results. Then prepare a clean container and put the sugar in the container. Then, mix the urine into the container, well here it is very important that the urine comes out of the dump, so as not to be contaminated by other substances that can interfere with this process.

Also, try to make this homemade pregnancy test in the morning because in the morning has the highest concentration of urine and can provide better results. Then observe the mixture of sugar and urine, if the sugar clots, then you are certainly positive for pregnancy. Whereas if the sugar and urine are decomposed, the result is negative.

3. Toothpaste

The third natural ingredient and can be easily found around you is toothpaste. It turned out that toothpaste was able to become one of the homemade pregnancy tests. Like whitener, in toothpaste, there is a chemical that reacts when exposed to urine which has hCG in it. hCG itself is a natural hormone produced by the placenta shortly after conception in the body. Therefore toothpaste can be a pretty effective pregnancy test if you or your partner hasn’t had time to buy a commercial pregnancy test kit.

The method to use it is also very easy, which is by putting toothpaste into the container, then pouring urine over it. If the toothpaste changes color or removes foam, it is possible that you are pregnant. Indeed, the method to make this test has not been proven to be accurate, but it is quite fun to do when there is no pregnancy test in general.

4. Vinegar

In addition to clothes whitener, sugar and toothpaste, there are other natural ingredients that can be used to make homemade pregnancy tests. And that is vinegar. This famous vinegar as a complement to meatballs can actually help you to check whether you are pregnant or not. How the vinegar works? So easy. You just need to find a container that can hold your urine, pure it in a bowl or glass container. Then, collect your urine into the container. After that dissolve the vinegar into it. If the vinegar changes color to orange or yellow, the result is negative. However, if the vinegar changes to a greenish color, then congratulations! You are positively pregnant.

5. Baking soda

The last natural ingredient on this list is baking soda. Not only can you use baking soda for cooking, but it turns out that baking soda has many other benefits such as helping to eliminate fat in the body, cleaning your household appliances, and of course as one of the homemade pregnancy tests. How the baking soda works? So easy! Take your baking soda, then pour about 2 tablespoons of baking soda into a small container.

Then, pour the urine into a container that has been filled with baking soda. It would be better if the urine used is the first urine in the morning to make the results more accurate. Then observe, if the baking soda emits bubbles or foaming, then you have the chance of experience pregnancy. If not, then you and your partner should try harder.

However, the natural ingredients that mentioned above cannot effectively replace the real pregnancy tests which sold at the nearest pharmacies so it would be better if you and your partner use a commercial pregnancy test or visit a doctor for the certainty of the happy news. Thus the article that discusses various ways to make homemade pregnancy tests that you can try easily at home, hopefully, it can provide useful information for you.

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