Faint Line on Pregnancy Test

Faint Line on Pregnancy Test

Not having a period or experiencing a period lateness is one of the signs that you are probably pregnant. The next step you should do when you got this case is doing a pregnancy test. Some pregnancy tests are more accurate and sensitive than others. One line means you are not pregnant and two lines mean you are pregnant. However, not all pregnancy tests give a clear result. The result can be a faint line on pregnancy test which makes you confused whether you are pregnant or not.

Faint Line that Means You Are Positively Pregnant

If you do a pregnancy test at your house and the result shows 2 faint lines, it is most likely that you are pregnant. In this case, the lines are not clear probably because your pregnancy hormone or your Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone (hCG) is still low. Once you are pregnant, your body will start to produce hCG. The level of this hormone will increase along with the increased pregnancy age. A pregnancy test is designed to detect this hCG hormone.

You have to know that the more hCG hormone found in your urine, the clearer the pregnancy test result. However, some women do a pregnancy test at a very early pregnancy age. In this time, the level of hCG hormone in the urine is still low. This is the reason why there is a faint line on pregnancy test.

Faint Line that Means You Are Not Pregnant

Faint Line on Pregnancy TestGetting faint positive lines does not always mean you are pregnant. Sometimes, the positive lines appeared are not only the real positive lines but only an evaporation line. An evaporation line can appear when the urine evaporates from the test pack stick. If this line appears on the result of your pregnancy test, you are able to misinterpret it.

It will be quite difficult to differentiate whether the faint line on pregnancy test means you are pregnant or it is just an evaporation line. The main difference between both lines is that the evaporation line will appear a few minutes after the specified times to read the pregnancy test result.

Faint Line that Means You Are Chemically Pregnant

Unfortunately, faint positive lines can also be a sign that you are chemically pregnant, which means that you experience an early miscarriage. In this case, the fertilized eggs will be embedded in the uterus, which will stimulate the formation of pregnancy hormones. However, not long after being embedded in the uterus, you experience a miscarriage. If you do a pregnancy test at this time, faint lines will appear. It is because there is still a few of pregnancy hormones left in your urine.

If you are not sure whether the faint line on pregnancy test is a positive result or negative result on your pregnancy, repeat the pregnancy test after a few days or consult the doctor. The obstetricians will probably suggest a urine test or a blood test to give you a more certain answer about your current condition.

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