Cute Baby Girl Names and the Meanings

Cute Baby Girl Names and the Meanings

Nowadays is the era of the cute baby girl names because the stuffy yet formal names era is gone. Other than that, the parents will take their baby girls as their princess and on the other hand, names are prayer. Some people even have a plan for their kids’ name before getting pregnant.

Addison = The Son of Adam

Well, this nickname has gained the popularity especially since the Grey’s Anatomy TV series aired. Initially, this name refers to the “son of Adam” by meaning. However, this name is now established as a girl’s name. You can name your baby with this name too.

Adelaide = Noble

Adelaide is such a vintage name that is still around until today. Besides as the name of a city in Australia, Adelaide also means “noble”, which was also the name of the 19th British Queen.

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Agnes = Pure

Agnes is also one of the most popular names of a saint. This name means “pure” and has become popular since back then. Even though this name fell off from the popularity chart during the 70’s, it has made its comeback especially after the Disney’s Despicable Me.

Allison = Noble

Basically, Allison is the modern version of a classic name, Alice. This name has been around for over 40 years. Allison means “noble” according to the Scottish language. It will be one of the loveliest sentiments to bestow on your little daughter.

Amara = Eternal Love

This name is popular across the culture and several countries. Amara means “Eternal Love”. This could be one of the best yet loveliest names you can bestow on your cute one. Other than that, Amara is on the top 600 names according to the list of SSA.

Beatrice = Happiness

When it comes to the cute baby girl names, we really should include Beatrice on the list. This sounds like a classic name but it still sounds sweet and light. Other than that, you might be very popular and familiar with this name if you happen to read Shakespeare’s and Dante’s works. Beatrice has the meaning of “she who gives happiness”.

Birdie = Little Bird

Birdie could be another nice consideration to your baby girl’s name. It means “little bird” and it sounds so cute especially if you want to give a bird-inspired name.

Blossom = To Bloom

When you need a name that sounds feminine and floral but not too flora, Blossom could be a good yet cute name after all. Blossom itself means “to bloom”. As we have said earlier, it sounds cute but not as common as other floral names.

Calista = Calisto Goddess

Calista is basically derived from the Calisto Goddess, a Greek Name. Calisto was a nymph and a huntress and Zeus fell in love with her. Besides sounds so classic, this name also suggests the feminine yet cute sound. Most of the times, the name shows the person so it might be another nice name for your baby girl.

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Camila = Noble

This name was initially the nickname of The Duchess of Cornwall. It was basically the English version of the Roman name, Camilla. However, Camila has been popular and widely used in English-speaking countries for years ago. Other than that, this name refers to “attendant”, “noble”, or “the free-born”.

Dorothy = God’s Gift

Dorothy is, in fact, a classic name but it is one of them who get long-lasting luster. Dorothy means the “God’s Gift”. So, besides it sounds very cute, it has a powerful and graceful meaning. This name becomes its popularity in the 20th century since the movie of Wizard the Oz.

Edith = Prosperous in War

Edith is another vintage name that still sounds so cute nowadays. If you watch the series of Downtown Abbey, you might realize that this name refers to something vintage but will never get old. Edith means the “prosperous in war”. In addition to the cute sense, the name also has a great meaning and this is the end of cute baby girl names.

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