32 weeks pregnant
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32 Weeks Pregnant

What happens to mom and baby during the 32 weeks pregnant? In this stage, it can be said that the baby is getting closer to be labored. 32 weeks pregnant is how many months actually? Well, the weeks mean that the pregnancy is already in its 8th month. Not only is it about [Read More]

31 weeks pregnant
Pregnancy Week by Week

31 Weeks Pregnant

31 weeks pregnant, congratulation anyway, it means that the labor is getting closer. In this period, the infant passes through a very rapid development. Some vital organs are almost perfect as well as the height and weight are continuously increased. Well, 31 weeks pregnant is how many months actually? This period is [Read More]

30 weeks pregnant
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30 Weeks Pregnant

There are some certain body changes and infant developments during the period of 30 weeks pregnant or around 7 months. The most visible thing is of course the belly that is getting bigger. It means that the infant also grows more significantly until it is ready to be born in the world. [Read More]

29 weeks pregnant belly
Pregnancy Week by Week

29 Weeks Pregnant

Are you looking for some information about what will happen in your 29 weeks pregnant? Then, read our article below! We will provide important information about your belly, ultrasound, and especially if you are expecting twins! 29 weeks pregnant belly The weight of your pregnant belly will be around 18 to [Read More]

Pregnancy Week by Week

3rd Trimester of Pregnancy

Are you in the third trimester of pregnancy? Here are the most common symptoms you need to watch out and what you should expect at this point. Let’s check this out! What to expect in the third trimester of pregnancy First of all, let’s congratulate yourself since you are made it to [Read More]