8 Important Preparations to Do Before Getting Pregnant

Before Getting Pregnant

Before getting pregnant, there are surely many things to be prepared physically and mentally. There is no more being selfish and only thinking about yourself. You also must maintain the baby’s health and conditions during and after the pregnancy.

To give a birth to a baby healthily, there are some preparations that you need to do. Some of them even must be started before the pregnancy programs. So, what are they?

Schedule the Pre-Conception Checkup

Schedule the Pre-Conception Checkup

First of all, contact the obstetrician, doctor, or maybe other medical experts for the pre-conception visitations and checkups. During this checkup, the doctor may review your private and family medical history, current health conditions, and all the drugs or supplements you consume.

Some medications and supplements are not safe for the pregnancy as well as some of them may need to be replaced before the pregnancy programs. The substances from medications are kept in the fat accumulated in the body. So, you need to stop consuming them in a certain period of time before being pregnant.

Besides, you and the doctor need to discuss the weight, food patterns, exercises, and maybe some bad habits that you have (like smoking, alcohol drinking, and others).

Despite the doctor may recommend you supplements and immunizations, he will refer you to a specialized doctor if you have particular health problems including asthma, diabetes, and hypertension.

Ask also some questions when and maybe where the pregnancy should be started. Several questions are likely can you pregnant right before your period and can you get pregnant before ovulation? They need to be asked mainly if you have problems in the menstruation cycle.

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Consume Folic Acid and Other Nutrition

Folic AcidConsuming folic acid is important even before starting to pregnant. By consuming 400 mcg of folic acid every day for at least a month before the pregnancy, it reduces the possibility of the baby having health problems and disorders from 50 to 70%.

Some other vitamins necessary to be consumed are vitamins C, D, and E. On the other hand, be careful with the vitamin A. It should not be higher than the recommended daily intake; it is 770 mcg RAE (2,565 IU). Why? It is because the excess of vitamin A supplement is able to increase the risk of birth defects.

Stop Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol

There are many research shows that smoking and consuming drugs and alcohol are never good for the pregnancy. They cause miscarriage, premature birth, and even the defects. It must be remembered that the substances contained in those things tend to be accumulated even after you stop doing those habits for a while.

For the men, the other research shows that the tobacco consumption tends to influence the fertility as well as reduce the amount of sperm.

So, for those reasons, you indeed must stop those habits even several weeks before the pregnancy is scheduled. Undeniably, it is something difficult to do. Don’t be doubtful to consult your conditions mainly if you have been addicted.

Consume Healthy Foods

Even months before the pregnancy program, healthy foods consumption must be already started. It is so that the body has been full of the nutrition needed in the beginning of the conception.

Try to eat at least 2 cups of fruits and 2.5 cups of vegetables every day. Nuts, grains, and any other ingredients with high calcium must be added for the health of both mom and baby.

Limit the Caffeine

Coffee and other beverages with caffeine may not need to be completely stopped just like the smoke, drugs, and alcohol. But if you have planned to get pregnant, they need to be limited for sure.

In fact, many experts agreed for one thing. it is that the pregnant women or the women with pregnancy programs must prevent consuming caffeine to keep the fertility. Meanwhile, some cases also show that one of the miscarriage factors is related to the over-consumption of caffeine.

If your conditions are healthy enough, they don’t need to be stopped entirely but just limit them up to 200 mg per day or only a cup of coffee or tea.

Reach the Ideal Weight

The pregnancy is on its highest possibility when your body’s weight is also ideal. When the Body Mass Index or BMI is too low or too high, it reduces the fertility as well as increase the risk of complications.

The details are as follow. When the BMI is too high, not only the complications but even diseases like diabetes and hypertension are easier to attack. It is surely disturbing the conditions of baby also, not only when he is still in the womb but also during the labor.

Meanwhile, the underweight women also tend to give a birth of the baby with lower weight also. To know whether your body is already ideal or not, consult it with your trusted doctor or obstetrician.

Be Aware of the Fishes you consume

Undeniably, fishes are good sources of omega 3 fatty acid that is really important for the growth of the baby’s brain. Meanwhile, it also contains of high amount of protein, vitamin D, and many other nutrition. For this matter, many experts and nutritionists agree that the pregnant women of them who plan for pregnancy must consume the fishes.

Unfortunately, some kinds of fishes also contain mercury in a large amount whether it is naturally or due to the outer factors. So, be sure with the fishes you consume. When they are detected to have mercury substances, you must avoid them.

Some of the fishes with high content of natural mercury are baby shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and some others. Those fishes are not that dangerous if being consumed with limitation for some people. But for the women with pregnancy or pregnancy program, it is the best not to consume them at all.

Consider Your Mental Conditions

When you have a history of mental disorders like depression or bipolar, you need to check the metal conditions entirely before the pregnancy program.

The best treatment for such conditions nowadays is psychotherapy and medication. Of course, you need to choose the medication that is appropriate to the pregnancy. Besides, it is not bad to try some techniques of stress management like relaxation and meditation.

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