9 Weeks Pregnant

9 Weeks Pregnant

When your pregnancy hits the age of 9 weeks pregnant, you will start to realize that your life and the life inside your tummy starts to change especially after you see the picture of your baby.

9 weeks pregnant symptoms 

When your pregnancy hits this age, the hormone will circulate throughout your body and it is on its peak stage. On the other word, the 9 weeks pregnant symptoms could be the most severe compared to the symptom in another age. The symptoms are such as:

  • Mood swings will be something you have noticed. This is caused by the hormones and other symptoms like nausea and tiredness that bother you. Those make you find it a bit difficult to control yourself.
  • Morning sickness is experienced by 80% of pregnant mothers. But you can do some trial and error to get the right snacks or anti-morning sickness formula for yourself. However, you do not need to worry though since it will pass after you get out from the first trimester.
  • Frequent urination is caused by the expanding uterus. However, you need to drink more and more to keep hydrating your body.
  • Fatigue is caused by the overworked hormones that grow and develop your fetus. You will need to sleep more and maintain the healthy blood sugar level. Do not worry because the second trimester will give you chance to get your energy back.
  • Nasal congestion happens because your body produces higher mucus. Tissues will be one of the most important things though.
  • Headaches during pregnancy are caused by hormones and dehydration. Make sure you have enough rest and drink as much water as you can. It does not matter if you should go back and forth to the bathroom though.

9 weeks pregnant belly 

9 Weeks Pregnant Belly9 weeks pregnant belly may make you struggle to button your jeans. Since the uterus expands to accommodate the developing and growing fetus, you might hit the double-sized jeans that your usual size. Other than that, your lower belly will feel a bit firmer since it is where the uterus is located in. Later, it is going to be bigger especially after reaching week 14 pregnancy.

Normally, you must expect weight gain in this pregnancy age. Your doctor will recommend how much weight you should accomplish to make sure the baby and the mother are fine. It basically depends on the pregnancy BMI. If you have twins in your belly then you need to gain one pound per week starting from now. Also, do not forget to watch your water intake because dehydration will easily attack the pregnant mother.

9 weeks pregnant ultrasound

The first appointment of prenatal would typically happen between 8 and 12 weeks pregnant. So, you need to visit an OB soon because the 9 weeks pregnant ultrasound will bring you to listen to the tiny heartbeat of that little baby in your belly. When the pregnancy is on the week 9, it will be done transvaginally. The doctor will need to insert the probe inside your vagina, considering your uterus is located behind the pelvic bone. Later, you will see the shape of this 9-week fetus on the screen!

How big is the baby at 9 weeks? 

How Big 9 Weeks Pregnant

In this stage, your baby is as big as a cherry. The fetus size in 9 weeks is around 0.9 inches and the weight will be at least 0.07 ounces. The gender is not decided yet because he or she is still growing and picking up the steam.

How many months? 

9 weeks pregnant also means that you are already 2 months pregnant. This week is also the time when both the mother and the baby have stepped onto two big accomplishments: the baby is no longer in an embryo shape and you will step into the month three. The baby is a fetus now! This also means that the baby starts to look like a baby-like day by day after that. Meanwhile, you will be out of the first trimester very soon.

Pregnancy checklist at 9 weeks pregnant 

  • You need to buy several maternity bras and make sure that those fit you well and comfy enough for you.
  • Estimate the cost of prenatal and delivery.
  • 9 weeks pregnant means you need to get a trusted answer

Let’s Go Weeks 10 〉〉

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