8 Weeks Pregnant

8 Weeks Pregnant

Now, your hormones are probably wild in your 8 weeks pregnant. Your smelling sense and your stomach will drive you crazy all day long. What is actually happening?

8 weeks pregnant symptoms

In this period of pregnancy, you will feel stronger symptoms than the previous weeks. What are the symptoms?

  • Sore bosoms

Your bosoms may feel greater, heavier, and let be honest, sore. That is on account of drain delivering lobules in your bosoms are beginning to extend. It’s for a valid justification: they’re preparing for breastfeeding.

  • Weakness

As your hormones vacillate, your body delivers more blood for the infant, and your pulse and glucose levels are lower than they were pre-pregnancy. The best fix? Get more rest. We know it sounds simpler than it truly is, yet make it your main need to get the chance to bed early or to sneak in a snooze or four on the ends of the week.

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  • Increased feeling of smell

Alongside morning ailment comes another fun indication: an uncanny feeling of smell. Getting a whiff of a hostile scent—maybe something that is absolutely harmless or never troubled you—could trigger queasiness, so it’s best to endeavor to keep away from the scents you’ve turned out to be delicate too.

  • Pregnancy issues

At about two months pregnant, cramping is typical. That is on account of the tendons in your belly are extending as your uterus grows. In the event that your cramping is serious or you’re concerned in any capacity, let your specialist know.

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound

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Now, let’s talk about the ultrasound you may see and hear at this stage of pregnancy. First, you need to have a checkup at your first pre-birth. You will have the chance to look at your baby at this eighth week of pregnancy. During the ultrasound process, you are expecting to see your baby’s part of a body. And it is true! You will see his or her toes and fingers that are still very little. It will be developed perfectly after 9 weeks pregnant. At this stage, his or her taste bud will also develop and start to get stronger. The taste buds are ready to help him or her to taste the very first dinner. Isn’t it adorable?

Your blood also needs to be tested by the doctor during the appointment at the first pre-birth. Your doctor needs to know whether your blood contains Rh negative or positive. In so few cases, few women have Rh-negative that can affect the baby too. If it happens, you need to go through pharmaceutical to fix it immediately. The levels of your hormones will be in the white and red level and need to be checked as well whether they are common. Blood testing is important to be conducted at this stage in order to know any disease that may carry inside your body. The diseases are including STDs, Hepatitis B, HIV, and any other specific resistant.

Besides blood testing, you should run a pap smear in order to check for any abnormal cell that can affect your blood or your system in the body. During this process, you will be asked to pee in a container. Your pee will be tested by the doctor to check the levels of the protein and glucose. What is the purpose? The answer is to find out if you have preeclampsia or gestational diabetes. So, your doctor can help you medicine and treatment before it affects your pregnancy.

8 weeks pregnant belly

“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die”

Are you wondering how your belly will look like in the 8 weeks of pregnancy? Well, your belly looks normal as usual and not really showing. But, every woman’s belly will be different at this stage. Your uterus expands to knowing that there is an 8 weeks baby inside your belly. If you are pregnant with twins, your belly will look bigger compared to a singleton mother. So, if you think that your belly will look big at this stage, wait patiently. Your belly will look normal and no one will think that you are pregnant unless you told them!

Don’t forget to always check and consult with your OB to notice any new development or anything else in your 8 weeks pregnant. Keep eating healthy food is the key to go through the difficult symptoms you may feel. Read more our articles about Tips to Getting pregnant to help you through the pregnancy journey smoothly.

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