6 Weeks Pregnant

What happens during 6 weeks pregnant?

6 Weeks Pregnant

At the 6 weeks pregnant, your pregnancy is still new for you, so this is normal to feel a bit of emotion. You might feel uncomfortable with your pregnancy symptoms, and those things were understandable that make you miserable. This is might be a part of why you have full nine months to adjust yourself with the pregnancy. Of course, this is also because of your baby need all of that time to get all of the working parts in order.

How big your baby during 6 weeks pregnant?

6 Weeks Pregnant
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On your six weeks pregnant, then your baby is in the size of a sweet pea. The average size of the embryo in this time is around 25 inches and they will be doubled size for two next weeks. Six weeks mean that you are at a month and one week pregnant, although it might see only one or two weeks or even less since you found out that you were pregnant. This is because your pregnant was measured start since the first day from your last menstruation period.

Are there any 6 weeks pregnant symptoms?

Because you are still at the beginning of pregnancy, then you might not experience any symptom at this point – however other women might feel very nauseous, while others might not feel anything. This is normal, however, there are several symptoms on six weeks pregnant:

  • Nausea, you should know that morning sickness does not only happen in the morning, you might deal with it all day instead. For moms with twins might experience more severe nausea. Therefore this good to find out a food that helps you to ease your stomach and keeping your stomach with a regular snack to avoid an empty stomach
  • Fatigue, you might feel so drained because your body is getting used to the changing hormones. It’s better to get extra rest for you
  • Your breasts are slightly pain, your breasts might feel sore because of the increased blood flow. You should know that your body is preparing to breastfeed your baby, even you are at six weeks pregnant
  • Feel urination more frequent, if you need that you taking pee more than usual, this is because your hCG hormone was directing the extra blood flow in your pelvic area. Then you need to go to the bathroom more often is the normal situation, however, if you experience painful urination or you feel like you are an urged to go but you cannot to do it, then you should tell your doctor as soon as possible
  • Mood swings, you should know that you are more getting emotional because of your pregnancy hormones. The fluctuations and fatigue can contribute to that thing, therefore having extra rest and eating healthy food can keep your mood in check as well. This mood swing is pretty different compared before getting pregnant
  • Bloating and gas, your progesterone hormone can cause this belly troubles. You can drink water and food that contain rich fiber in order to prevent the constipation
  • Slightly spotting and cramping, on your six weeks pregnant, both of cramp and spotting were normal. These conditions might make you feel worried about many problems like miscarriage or other else. You should aware that severe cramp pain or bleeding can be a sign of other problems. So, you have to call out your doctor

How is your 6 weeks pregnant belly?

6 weeks pregnancy
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Although this is very common feel bloated during week six pregnant, you might not look pregnant at all. Your embryo will grow rapidly and take more space inside your belly. Therefore, if you do not ready to share with others, then you can enjoy this little secret longer.

6 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

If you tell your doctor that you are at 6 weeks pregnant, then your doctor might ask you to get the first prenatal appointment. Likely, your doctor might ask you to wait for few weeks. If you are at higher risk or pregnancy, then you might not want to get a six-week ultrasound. However, if you wonder about what’s going on inside your belly? Well, there are many important areas of baby development were already start. His or her circulating blood already had a great circulatory system. Your baby may be wiggling her or his paddle-like feet and hands. Even your doctor may be able to find out the fetal heartbeat.

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