5 Weeks Pregnant

Symptoms and Tips

5 Weeks Pregnant

Your 5 weeks pregnant is a very common time for mother that found out that they were pregnant. That’s why you might realize that you missed your period and then think that you should take a pregnancy test. Plus, on five weeks of pregnancy, your hormone increase and tell you with symptoms that are difficult to neglect, such as nausea, sore breast, and fatigue. These hormones were showed you with a positive result.

How big your baby during 5 weeks pregnant?

On your five weeks pregnant, then your baby’s size pretty similar with an apple seed. Your embryo was measurable now, although on week 5 pregnancy, your baby’s size around 1.13 inches from the head down to the bum. Your baby is getting ready to get more growth. Even, next week, she or he will reach almost in double size. Week five pregnant is around a month pregnant. Of course, you might find out that you are pregnant and you already reached one month pregnant. This is because most of the doctors start to count your pregnancy since on the first day of last period.

Here 5 weeks pregnant symptoms

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The symptoms that you feel in five weeks were only the beginning of the changes that your body will experience. Therefore, this is always better if you can take care of yourself and having enough rest, eat right and find out the best way to make you feel better.

  • Morning sickness, you might feel nausea at the beginning of pregnancy anytime in the day, even not only just morning as well. There are some pregnant moms who experienced nausea pretty much during all day. Even, if you are a 5 weeks pregnant mom with twin, then you might experience more severe morning sickness
  • Sore breast, although morning sickness might draw all the attention, however, sore breast is actually very common symptoms during this pregnancy
  • Feel urge urinate frequently, you might note that you have an urge to pee frequently in the early of pregnancy. This symptom has occurred because your kidneys were expanding and you need to go bathroom more than before getting pregnant
  • Fatigue, usually you want to take a nap in the middle of working days, meeting, well, at any time actually. There is not much that you can do, except you can get extra rest time, having light exercise and eating in every few hours that make your blood sugar does not drop quickly
  • You find out slight spotting, you might feel scary when you find out weeks 5 pregnant spotting, however, this slight blood in your underwear can be a sign of implantation. You may spot a bit blood after having sex because your cervix becomes more sensitive when you are pregnant. But if you found something looks like bleeding during week five pregnant, then you should call your doctor
  • Feel cramps, around four to five weeks pregnant, cramp can be a sign that your embryo was implanted properly in your uterus. Or can be a sign that your uterus was developed and stretching the ligaments. If you experience severe cramp or feel so painful, then you should call your doctor to get checked

Things to know about 5 weeks pregnant belly

On your week five pregnant, your belly might not change – or you might notice that your stomach is slightly bloated or you feel like gaining around a pound. You might feel worried when you cannot eat or lost a pound, but those things are normal. All of the pregnant women were different and how their body change during pregnancy period is so varied as well.

5 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

5 weeks pregnant
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Your embryo is five weeks pregnant looks like the tadpole now, however, she or he already start to made major organs, such as liver, stomach, heart, kidneys and other systems as well. If you do not have any medical history that placed you in the higher place for having pregnancy complications, you might not likely get a five weeks pregnant ultrasound. Then your OB might want to make an appointment with you for the first prenatal visit during your first 8 or 9 weeks pregnancy. You might wait that moment impatiently. When you get the first ultrasound, then your doctor will measure your baby from head to the rump and adjust your due date based on your baby’s size.

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