42 Weeks Pregnant

42 weeks pregnant

In the medical world, the normal period of labor is starting from 37 to 41 weeks. It is with some considerations that the baby’s inner and outer organs have been completed and they are able to work well.

Unfortunately, 42 weeks mean that the pregnancy is no longer normal although this case is experienced by around 12% of moms. So, make sure to go to the obstetricians to find the right treatments.

Factors of 42 Weeks Pregnant or More

The post-term pregnancy is not without any reason. Some reasons are considered common and not that dangerous. But some other reasons tend to give risks for both mom and the baby. So, it is suggested for you to routinely consult your pregnancy since the beginning to avoid such a thing to happen.

  • The first factor is related to the gene. Yes, there are some babies who need to be longer in the womb than the others. Uniquely, those babies may be still having the similar genes. So, if there is someone in your family who are pregnant in 42 weeks or more, you can just experience the same thing also.
  • Second, the oversized baby also tends to be in the womb longer. It is because the uterus must work harder to bring the baby out. Although this is also normal, the obstetrician must still be very careful in applying the treatment anyway.
  • Third, your body may lack certain substances particularly sulphatase enzyme in the placenta and the thyroid hormone. Supplements can be the first aid for this matter whether they are consumed directly or injected.
  • Fourth, there is a possibility that the baby’s skull is not normally developed. Further checkup, examination, and treatments need to be passed through to make sure that it will not risk both of you during the labor.

The Solutions of 42 Weeks Pregnant

42 weeks pregnantAlthough the society may think that around the tenth month of pregnancy has been not normal, the medical and maternity people may not think so. Therefore, they may let you be without any treatment before the 41 weeks pregnant is over. So, when the 41st week has been passed and there is still no sign of labor, you need to immediately call or visit your obstetrician.

There are probably some treatments to be checked up starting from USG, blood pressure, sugar blood pressure, and others. You may need to consume certain supplements and do some movements to make the baby out. Just follow what your doctor says.

In the worst case, the Caesar section may have to be done. You should not worry since this process is considered safe with low risks. many people even choose the section although the baby is actually normal.

How to Avoid the Post-term Pregnancy

Although there are medical solutions for this case, post-term pregnancy may make you down and stressed. It is much better anyway to do some efforts since the beginning so that such a thing will not be experienced.

You may need to lessen your physical activities. When your pregnancy has been entered the ninth month, you must be already in your maternity leave. Spare your time for sleeping and enough rest although the conditions are probably not really possible.

Despite enough rest, the exercises are also important things. Well, you need to differentiate the term of physical activities and exercises during the pregnancy. The exercises for pregnant women are not that hard. The movement is focused on the belly and some other parts to make sure that you are still healthy as well as the labor can be done smoothly. The exercises should start at least from the 2nd-trimester pregnancy.

Consuming foods with full nutrition is also very important even in the beginning. Some kinds of nutrition needed by pregnant moms are protein, calcium, vitamins, folic acid, and omega 3. However, you should avoid the fishes with mercury like shark and mackerel as well as other foods with unsaturated fat.

“I basically know nothing, but there are a few things that I’ve discovered during the last 19 weeks that have vastly improved my pregnancy experience,” Katherine Heigl, an actress.

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