41 Weeks Pregnant

41 Weeks Pregnancy with No Sign of Labor, What to do?

41 weeks pregnant no signs of labor

Aterm means that the infant has been formed perfectly whether they are the inner and outer organs. Meanwhile, the length and weight have also been around 36 cm and 3.3 kg respectively.

Factors of 41 Weeks Pregnant No Signs of Labor

Prolonged or post-term pregnancy is the term to mention the pregnancy in more than 41 weeks. Therefore, although the 41 weeks may still not be categorized as the post-term pregnancy, you indeed need to be aware. There are some factors that may cause this case. What are they?

  • First, it is due to the baby in your womb. It may not turn the position in which the head should be in the lower part several days before the labor. The baby’s size is probably too big, above 4 kg. Besides, it is possible also for the baby to have any disorder in its skull.
  • Second, the genetic factor is also believed to play an important role although the scientific evidence has still not found yet. When there is someone in your family experience such a thing, the post-term pregnancy may be experienced by other family members. Aside from that, be aware of your first child needing to be born for more than 41 weeks. There are big possibilities that the next pregnancies are just similar.
  • Third, the post-term pregnancy is also caused by the lack of thyroid hormone and sulphatase enzyme in the placenta. To know more about those matters, a deeper examination must be undergone.
  • Fourth, the recent data show that the post-term pregnancy is more experienced in the baby-boy pregnancy. There is still not further study about this matter. But this can be one of the main factors.

41 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

How is about the twin pregnancy? It is normal if there is still no sign of labor when it has been the 41 weeks?

One thing you must know about the twin pregnancy is that it has higher risks. Things like conjoined twins and the death of one of them often happen. That’s why; being detected of having baby twins in your womb, you need to be extra careful and checkup your pregnancy more diligently.

The twin pregnancy itself should not be more than 39 weeks. More than those weeks, the risk of the baby’s death is higher. When there is still no sign of labor in your 39 weeks pregnant, the obstetrician commonly has done certain treatments starting with giving supplements to considering applying certain treatments.

In some cases, the Caesar section is the way to treat the post-term pregnancies with twins. But it is again back to the mom and baby’s conditions. There are some twins that want to come out only after the moms consume some certain supplements and do the exercises suggested. But then you find yourself on the 41 weeks of twin pregnancy without any sign of labor, Caesar section may be undergone.41 weeks pregnant with twins

What Moms Should Do

  • First of all, you need to go to the obstetrician. The obstetrician should be the one who accompanies you since the beginning. There are commonly some medical checkups including USG to know the baby’s position as well as if there is indeed the time for labor or not.
  • Second, moms must also lessen their physical activities. When it is getting closer to the birth prediction, you are suggested to take a rest from any work. However, exercising should still not be forgotten. Simple exercises like walking around have proven to ease the process of the labor later. Indeed, it should be under the obstetrician or the trainer’s supervision.
  • Third, keep consuming good and healthy foods with full of nutrition. It is not only one of the tips for getting pregnant; eating healthy foods is also considered helping you to face the labor. If it is necessary, you can also consume supplements contained iron and calcium. Some other suggestions are consuming fishes with Omega 3. But you must be careful since some kinds of fishes like baby shark and mackerel contain mercury that should be avoided.

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