40 Weeks Pregnant

40 weeks pregnant belly

So, this is your happy due date because of 40 weeks pregnant is the official deadline. You have already prepared for the bassinet, packed your hospital bag, inserted the baby seat, even unisex baby names and many things to do. Now, you can take care of several last minute things, such as ensure that your smartphone was fully charged before you start to go to bad and filling your car as well. In this week, there are several mothers to get the waterproof mattress in their bad, just in case if they get water breaks in the midnight. This is not a must thing, however, it is not a bad idea as well.

40 weeks pregnant is how many months?

At 40 weeks pregnant means that you are at nine months already. It sounds great because you are ninth months pregnant now and you made it. At this week, then your baby has size as same as watermelon. The average size measured around 20.2 inches from the head to toe and weighs around 7.6 pounds.

40 weeks pregnant signs of labor

Now, you might feel like 40 weeks pregnant no signs of labor. Reached at 40 weeks pregnant, then the signs of labor will be there soon as well. You should contact your doctor if you experiencing the contractions which are more than usual make you very uncomfortable and stayed at the regular intensity. The sign of labor that you should look out is the leak amniotic fluid which means that your water was broken. You will know because of it really watery form, very different with your usual discharge and it might not stop as well. In the beginning, you might think that it was pee, however, you will not that its no pee at all. You are at labor and call your doctor as soon as possible.

However, during this last week of your pregnancy, then your same symptoms might still continue. Then your main job is hanging there when you are still experiencing these symptoms:

  • Having leg cramps

You have to stick with the hamstring stretches in order to keep your leg cramp from disturbing your sleep. Of course, there is the pelvic pressure and your baby is sitting lower in your pelvis make your pelvis feels so uncomfortable.

  • Sleeping issues

If you cannot sleep, then it’s alright to get up and do something else, however you can still follow the calming activities such as writing, listening music or reading. You do not have to clean out your entire room or even doing other heavy activities. The situation changes much than week 14 pregnancy.

  • Contractions

You should know that Braxton Hicks contractions might actually turn into the real thing, therefore, if you think that you’ve got a lot of them, then start your timing to see how far apart their occurrence. If you getting close to them, then you are at the early stage of labor. Your 40 weeks pregnant belly might show bigger and much visible as well.

  • Fatigue

The fact that you cannot sleep well actually is not helping here. However, because you might not have any plan, you might sneak out to get an additional nap or at least having time to relax

  • Anxiety

Your baby will get here when she or he ready to get here. Therefore, you should do your best and not stress at all.

Now that your baby reached the due date, then your doctor wants to talk to you about inducing labor medically as well. Whether or not this thing is crucial along with how your baby’s doing there. If your baby is healthy and you do not have any complication, then you may not need the induction and stay stick to it, even it might take more few weeks as well. It may be worth to find out that you wait for your baby is completely ready.

Like Emily Perkins said that “first pregnancy is the long journey to the country where you do not understand the language, where the land is in sight for a long time.”

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