4 Weeks Pregnant

Know Better of Your 4 Weeks Pregnant

4 Weeks Pregnant

Well, congratulation! If you found out that you are at 4 weeks pregnant, then you know this great news that many women do because you just take a pregnancy test right away after you missed your period, or even you might now few days before despite just waiting for a bit. You might feel really excited now. Or you may be used to the idea of having a cute baby. However, you might not feel that there’s something different – at least for now, because the early pregnancy symptoms do not come right away. Ensure that you should celebrate this great new with your spouse, however, you might not to tell all of the people just yet.

Do you wonder how big is your baby at four weeks pregnant?

At the four weeks pregnant, then your baby was even smaller than the flower seed – it was just about microscopic. Your baby now called as the blastocyst – looks like the tiny ball of cells and being so busy to stay in her or his new house which is your uterus, prepare all of the necessary development that will happen during next 6 weeks.

Here, 4 weeks pregnant symptoms

4 weeks Pregnant
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The pregnancy hormone will show you to get a positive pregnancy test which is also caused by several typical symptoms when it reached 4 weeks of pregnancy. Your hormone level will increase rapidly, therefore this is very normal being four weeks pregnant with no symptoms at all, perhaps that you will get vomit and nausea in the close time.

  • Light cramping, you might feel cramp at four weeks pregnant that makes you worry, however, this is a sign that your baby was implanted properly in your uterus wall. However, if you experience severe cramp or pain so much during four weeks pregnant, then this is something that you should get an explanation from your doctor. Your doctor will examine you to find out the problems
  • Bloating, you might feel slightly bloat thanks to the pregnancy hormone
  • You note the spotting, this is light bleeding that might happen on four weeks pregnancy as the result of implantation – so you do not have to feel worried anyway, this is completely normal. Keep in mind, if you note a lot of blood, such as your period or even heavier, then it last for more few days, or if you feel worried in any way, go to see your doctor soon
  • Experience morning sickness, even experts said that around 50 to 90% of pregnant women get several forms of morning sickness, such as nausea, but sometimes getting vomiting as well. Morning sickness was generally at its worse during nine weeks pregnant and slowly getting better when you come to the second trimester
  • Having mood swings, this is not just your imagination. Your mood will get worse due to your fluctuating hormones as well. However, it might be caused by stress and your mind was racing. The mood swings show more drastic during your first 12 weeks pregnant.
  • Feel sore in your breasts, of course, your breasts become swollen because of these hormones try to tell your body that there is a baby coming and an effort to produce milk

4 weeks pregnant belly

Pregnancy 4 weeks
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Your belly might be slightly bloated, however, you do not like pregnant yet. Still, you have to act like the mom to be and this is better for you to take the prenatal vitamin if you do not make it. You should know that folic acid was proven to help avoid the birth defects, so this is very necessary for you. You can consider wearing stretchy pants, leggings and more. This is very early 1st trimester before entering 2nd-trimester pregnancy.

4 weeks pregnant ultrasound

During your four weeks pregnant, the ball of cells starts to divide to the embryo and placenta. You should know the building block of the backbone, brain, and spine was already made. However, on your four weeks ultrasound, it just looks like the small dot which been called as the gestational sac. Keep in mind that this is never too early to start your healthy life during 4 weeks pregnant, you can try to eat the whole foods, avoid alcohol and smoking as well as you taking the prenatal vitamin. Exercise is a great way to ease your symptoms during pregnancy.

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