39 Weeks Pregnant

39 weeks pregnant signs of labor

Your baby has achieved the full term, you might feel like you want to get this baby in the outside. But, your discomfort and impatience mothers to be experienced around 39 weeks pregnant and beyond it. This is the natural way to make you’re prepared mentally for delivery. You might remember on how you begin freaking out you used to be delivered. Now, in this 39-week, you got something new in your mind and feel more being ready as well. Tell your doctor if you experience something that never exists before.

Here 39 weeks pregnant signs of labor

There are other symptoms that your body trying to tell you that your baby is making her or his arrival very soon. On your 39-week pregnancy, then the signs of pregnancy are the biggest thing on your mind. This is important to know what they are, however, you should not feel too worried about going to the labor without notice it. In many cases, the signs of labor are so powerful and very different from what you have experienced so that you cannot ignore them as well.

Call your doctor if you experience one of these:

  • Get water breaking

This is might not be like something that you see on television, you might get slowly drip instead of bug flowing water. However, if you are at 39 weeks pregnant, then your discharge is more watery than usual consistency, perhaps it means that the amniotic sac was ruptured and you will go to the labor within some hours.

  • You’ve got regular contractions

If your belly start is tightening and had been repeated for some time, then it might be to start the timing of your contractions. If this thing starts coming and the time between them starting shorter, then you entered in the beginning stage of labor. However, if you wonder about how long it will last, then it could be so varied from mom to mom as well. So, let your doctor stay updated, and start to follow the directions until you enter the hospital by the time when you start to progress to the active labor. Even you might experience 39 weeks pregnant lower back pain which makes your inconvenience as well.

When you reached 39 weeks pregnant, you might experience 39 weeks pregnant with no signs of labor. However, this is actually fine as well. These signs of labor occurred in the very different way on each mom. 39 weeks pregnant signs of labor

Here another 39-week pregnancy symptoms:

These are the most typical symptoms when you reached 39 weeks pregnant,  the ones were not the sign of labor is occurring now which are pretty same as you had been experiencing during a few weeks ago. Most of these signs note that labor might happen soon, these are including of:

  • Pelvic pressure

While your baby is having a position for delivery, your baby sit lower so that your lower torso might feel so discomfort and heavy as well

  • Braxton Hick Contraction

During your 39 weeks pregnant, then tightening or cramping in your uterus might occur pretty constant. Usually, this false labor feels pain in the front of your body and fade away when you change positions. You will know that this is the real labor when they start into your top of the uterus and become more regular and frequent as well.

  • Urge to build a nest

There are several mothers to be said that they have the urges of energy and big desire in order to clean their home right before they release a newborn baby boy or girl. However, you do not need to be stressed. You should not feel tired before giving birth. Sometimes you might get  39 weeks a pregnancy headache along with nausea, however, this situation is not measurable and very different compared to before getting pregnant.

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