38 Weeks Pregnant

All about your 38 weeks pregnant

If you feel like there is the lightning bolt running up and down into your vagina and legs, then you do not have to be panic at all. At your 38 weeks pregnant, your baby might be placed lower in your pelvis, it means that he or she was bumping most of the nerves down there – these are including if some of the super-sensitive nerves that you might not know. When you facing this discomfort recently, you have to pay more attention for 38 weeks pregnant signs of labor, including of the strong contractions, more regular intensity and bloody show as well.

Here 38 weeks pregnant symptoms

  • Braxton Hicks Contractions

When you reached 38-week pregnancy, then contractions were being expected. You might already experience it for a few weeks now or you just notice recently for what seems like weeks 38 pregnant tightening or cramps in your stomach. If your contraction feels is painful, and go away when you change your positions, then it still the Braxton Hocks or false contractions.

  • Increased discharge

You might realize that there are globs of a thickness along with substance like mucus in this 38 weeks. This discomfort stuff is known as the mucus plug and its occurrence is actually normal. It will release when your cervix getting stretched in preparing of delivery. You should know that every mucus plug will take you to the closest way into labor.

  • Itchy stomach

Your stomach is expanding as far as it can go, therefore it makes sense if your belly becomes more sensitive. Stay hydrated can so helpful and you might want to change into the heavier moisturizer such as natural shea butter and remember to drink a lot of water. What’s thing is abnormal if you find out a rash, call your doctor if you get one. You might not find this symptom in your week 14 of pregnancy.

  • Swollen ankles and feet

When you get into weeks 38 pregnant, so it’s basically that you have reasons to stay sit back and pull up your feet. Do not forget to get regular work, in order to keep your blood flow and reduce the swollen.38 weeks pregnant signs of labor

38 weeks pregnant signs of labor

When you entered the 38-week pregnancy, then there are several signs of labor might start. There are some early signs tell you to go labor soon, such as :

  • Mucus plug or the bloody show

As mentioned before that you might get the discharge which is thick like the mucus and might be accompanied by the light bloody show. This is a sign that the cervix starts to widen in preparation for delivery.

  • Nausea

This is also same with nausea at weeks 38 pregnant, however, this is not a measurable sign of labor. However, there are many women said that they feel nausea before giving birth.

  • Diarrhea

Entered into 38-week pregnancy, diarrhea does not cause by the spicy food that you eat, however, it can be a sign that your labor hormones were released into your body. Well, it might be going time soon.

  • Contraction

In this week, then contraction can be a normal part of your day – or you might not noticed yer. However, you should know that your 38-week pregnant belly starts tightening slowly and do not stop at all, thus there is a possibility that you are at early stages of labor. This contraction is so painful of getting closer than five minutes – means that you should go to the hospital immediately.

  • Water breaking

If you notice the drip of water, means that the amniotic sac was broken and the fluid starts to leak out. Generally, the labor started as soon as the Easter break, so let your doctor know if your experience this sign for 38 weeks.

  • Back pain

You might have got the back pain for a few weeks started in 12 weeks pregnant, but if you enter weeks 38, your back pain becomes more intense, inform your doctor about this sign as well.

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