36 Weeks Pregnant

Get Prepared at 26 Weeks Pregnant

Was it month 9 already? Then you may think that time is flying so fast. This is because your baby can decide to come any day, for now, you have to input the final preparation on your 36 weeks pregnant. Such as, if you choose the childbirth class on a few months ago, then you can re-read any material you are given and do not forget to practice the breathing technique that you learned with your beloved partner. Go to your plan to get to the hospital and found out all of the what-ifs like a newborn baby girl or boy name. Do not forget to update your employer and workmates about your work projects so they will know where they can take over.

36 weeks pregnant is how many months?

36 weeks pregnant is how many monthsOn your weeks 36 pregnancy, then your baby has same as a papaya, measured around 18.7 inches from the head to toe and his or her weight is about 5.8 pounds. It means that you are in the first weeks of month 9. Then you only four weeks away from your due date as well. You will get over excited to deliver and do not forget to always have touch with your doctor.

Here few 36 weeks symptoms that you should know

One most important symptom during this weeks is looking out your contractions. It means that your baby might come early or just having Braxton-Hicks Contractions. Overall. You might still have many same symptoms that you’ve got through the third semester, such as frequent urination, fatigue, leaky breast, and heartburn as well.

Leaky Breasts

There are many women experiencing the breast leakage during their third trimester after passed the 2nd-trimester pregnancy. It feels like the yellowish and thin fluid which is known as the colostrum in order to provide your baby with sufficient nutrients during their first days of life as well. Even, if you do not have a plan to breastfeed, then your body still produces the colostrum.

If you find that there is discomfort leakage, then you can try to use the nursing pads. You have to store on these because you will net after delivery depending on whether or not you will provide breastfeeding. There is no reason that you unable to use them for now. Some women even add the nursing pads into their baby registry as well, however, if you do not receive anything from holding a baby shower, or you just feeling uncomfortable to ask your family or friends to purchase it for you, then you should know that nursing pads are generally inexpensive. You can find it in most of the retailers that provide baby products and buy them in a bulk as well.


Sometimes your baby determine to come early, so you have to take more pay attention for contractions and understanding 36 weeks pregnant signs of labor. Contraction might feel like cramping or tightening in your uterus and this is pretty the same with menstrual cramps as well. Some women also feel it in their backs, your belly will feel harden to touch during your contraction. You should know that each contraction will grow up in peak, intensity and then slowly decreased. You can consider like a wave, start to roll into the shore, then slowly making its way back to the sea. When your contraction getting closer, then the peak will be faster and last longer as well.

Some women might feel confuse between contraction and Braxton- Hicks Contractions, which were sometimes called the “false labor”. You should know that false labor was intermittent, they do not have any pattern and they did not grow in the term of intensity. This might be different on 36 weeks pregnant with twins.  In order to track your construction, then record the time construction starts and end. The duration between when one starts and another one stars can give you clear information about your frequency of construction. Like Osho said that “the moment a child is born, the mother is also born, she never being existed before”.

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