35 Weeks Pregnant

35 Weeks of Pregnancy and the Labor Preparations

35 weeks pregnant

Entering the 35 weeks pregnant, all moms must be really nervous to welcome the baby. The baby grows more rapidly and you should prepare anything for the labor, not only physically but also mentally. The baby’s growth and development during this week are actually still about the continuity of the previous ones. The checkups must be undergone more routinely and the baby’s conditions must also be monitored well. Make sure to share your problems well to the obstetricians. If you have diseases like hypertension and gestational diabetes, it must be known earlier as well for further treatments.

35 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Body Changes of Moms

Along with the baby’s weight and height increasing, the mom’s womb and belly are also getting bigger. The baby is now fulfilling the cavity starting from the lateral to the lower abdomen. In the previous weeks, the only problems are maybe related to the respiratory and urinating system. But now, you may also experience digestive problems as well.

Although it is indeed disturbing, you should not lessen the consumptions since you and your baby definitely need it until the day the baby is born.

The bigger belly and the more active baby also tend to make mom feel tired more easily. The movement is even done at night, the time for sleeping. For this matter, you will also be suffered from insomnia. The solution is by rescheduling your activities. You can sleep along with the baby at noon.

There are so many stories about the labor starting from the interesting to the terrifying ones. Make sure that it will not make you feel down. Manage your stress by doing the exercises, walking around, and joining the pre-natal class. Supports from family and friends are needed to make you feel more relaxed.

The Developments of 35 Weeks Pregnant with Twins vs. A Single Baby

35 Weeks Pregnant with TwinsThere is often a question; 35 weeks pregnant is how many months actually? It is 8 months plus 3 weeks pregnant or only a week after the pregnancy is completely in its ninth month. For the baby itself, it is getting bigger although the increase is actually not really significant compared to the previous week.

The baby’s weight is about 2.4-2.5 kg and the length is around 45 cm. for the baby twins, the sizes are commonly less than that, around 1.9-2.0 kg. For the twin babies, the improvement of the weight tends to be lower down than the others. Therefore, the sizes also tend to be smaller when they are born. But it is something normal since the twins are indeed produced and grown in a small womb and they need to divide the space between two or more.

Aside from the matter of size, anything else is quite similar from the single to the twin babies. In this age, the nails are formed but it is still thin and flexible. Some internal organs start to function well including the kidneys and liver. Besides, the digestive system has also been in the process of formation. When the baby is born, it is ready to be used anyway.

The placenta is known as the nutrition provider for the baby in the womb. In the 35 weeks, the placenta weight is around 500 grams or one-sixth of the total baby’s weight. Later, it will come out along with the baby.

Treatments and Labor Preparations

35 weeks pregnant symptomsThere are many cases when the labors happen during this week. As long as the signs are just the same with the normal labors like the heartburn and the rupture of amniotic fluid you should not worry actually. It just means that the baby indeed must come out this week.

But if there is still no sign of the labor this week, you can just do your activities as usual and prepare yourself well. Of course, the maternity leave must be taken for the career women. Then, spend your time on beneficial activities like yoga, exercising, walking around, and having enough rests.

The nutrition must be fulfilled well for sure. This is actually one of the main concerns even before getting pregnant. Some kinds of nutrition like folic acid, protein, vitamins, and mineral must be consumed to optimize the baby’s development.

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