34 Weeks Pregnant

34 weeks pregnant

It seems like only yesterday, you and your husband talk about the programs and how to get pregnant. You are now already in the 34 weeks of the pregnancy. There are no longer annoying symptoms like nausea and vomiting. But since the labor is getting closer, you may feel a little bit nervous.

So, what are the things you need to know regarding the 34 weeks of pregnancy and how to face it? Here they are.

34 Weeks Pregnant Belly and the Changes in Mom’s Body

34 weeks pregnant bellyIn this period, the infant’s size is getting bigger and heavier. It also has been filled with the mom’s womb entirely. Of course, it may make you feel uncomfortable since the womb also grows and presses the diaphragm and the bladder.

Consequently, such conditions like feeling hard to breathe and wanting to urinate are getting worse. You even feel tired more easily and experience insomnia. Although those are actually normal, you may need some help from the obstetricians to make it better. In fact, you still need much energy for the labor.

Another problem is probably about the stress. Mainly if this is your first pregnancy, you may feel nervous or even afraid of the labor. So, try to manage it by doing positive activities like exercising or joining the pre-natal class.

The Infant’s Development

34 weeks pregnant is how many months34 weeks pregnant is how many months actually? The week equals to 8 months plus 2 weeks pregnant. It is only around two weeks before you reach the ninth month, the age where the baby is ideally born.

In this week, it is actually no longer necessary to call the infant as “infant”. It is because the condition is almost perfect just like the baby in the world. This can be seen from the length and weight of the baby which are around 2.2 kg and 44-45 cm. For the 34 weeks pregnant with twins, the height and length of each baby are commonly less.

The main reason why the baby’s weight is increased significantly is due to the bones that are hardened. The bones are ready to hold the body later in the world. However, it has not been yet for the skull which is still quite soft and fragile to ease the baby to come out during the labor.

The internal organs are formed almost perfectly and some of them are ready to work. The senses are also able to accept and respond to any stimulation from the outside. At this stage, the baby may not move as active as before. But you should not worry since it is actually because the limited space it has.

The baby’s body automatically prepares the life in the world outside even when it is still in the womb. Now, the protein and fat intake accepted by the body is used to form the skin cells. The skin is thickened with the fat layer under it. The fat layer is functioned for the insulation process and keeping the body’s temperature warm.

34 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor

Although the baby should be born in its ninth month plus 9 days, it is actually possible for the baby to be born normally before that age. 34 weeks are even known as the stage where the baby can just be born although the condition is probably premature.

There are some cases when the baby is born only on its 34 weeks. Some of them are even normal signed by the mom’s heartburn and the rupture of amniotic fluid. If this is what you experience, you can just undergo the labor normally just like the others.

However, there are some other conditions that are the baby actually still doesn’t want to come out but the labor must be undergone for some reasons. It is common when the baby is detected to have a certain syndrome or disorder. Therefore, the earlier labor is considered the best decision to save both the mom and baby.

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