33 Weeks Pregnant

33 weeks pregnant

What happens to mom and baby during the 33 weeks of pregnancy?

Entering the 33 weeks pregnant, there are so many wonderful things that the mom may experience. Some changes are happened in the mom’s body due to the baby’s development. Besides, you are also getting closer to the labor.

33 weeks pregnant is how many months actually? Well, in this week, it means you have passed through around 8 months plus a week or pregnancy. It is around a month before the baby sees the world. So, what happens in mom and baby during this week? Here are the explanations.

33 Weeks Pregnant Belly and the Changes in Mom’s Body

The growth of infant is at the peak this month. It is reasonable if you may see your belly is getting bigger and bigger. It is surely really tiring so that you need to make a schedule when to do the activities and when to take a rest.

Another problem commonly experienced regarding the rapid growth of the infant is the short breath and the pain around the urinating system. It is because of the womb position that is right below the diaphragm and above the bladder. Experiencing such problems is a normal thing. but if the condition is getting worse, visiting the doctor to find a solution is the best way to do.33 weeks pregnant belly

The Infant’s Development

The baby grows quite rapidly but in term of length, there is not so much difference compared to the previous week. During this week, the baby’s length is about 45-50 cm. But the weight seems heavier for around 2 kg. This weight can still be grown until the day the baby is born.

Some internal organs like the heart and liver have been formed well. Those organs can also work well and they are ready to be used. The lungs are also developed although they may still not perfect. Actually, it is possible for the baby to be born since the organ formations have been completed. The life expectancy of the baby born at 33 weeks is also high since those organs have been able to support the life. But of course, because they are still not perfect, the premature birth must be avoided.

In general, the position of the baby in the weeks 33 has been the position for birth. It is that the head has been on the lower part. However, this condition may still not be experienced by some babies. For those babies, around one or two weeks before the birth are when the position has been upside down. Besides, this position can still be changed and all of them are still categorized as normal.

The brain is continuously developed as the nerves are formed very rapidly. The nerves support the brain performance and it needs stimulation to make the development more optimal. The stimulations are given by the mom like talking to the baby, listening to the music, and many more. Well, even the head’s size is growth for about 1.3 cm only in this week.

The baby’s bones are hardened and getting sturdier in this week. It means that the baby is also stronger since the body has been held well. However, the skull is still fragile and not yet attached properly. This is to ease the baby to go out in the birth process. More calcium and phosphor intake are needed to make sure the bones grow well.

Treatments for Mom and Baby at 33 Weeks

Treatments for Mom and Baby at 33 WeeksWhen you read the tips for getting pregnant, there must be some suggestions to eat the healthy foods with full of nutrition. This habit must be kept until this period to make sure that the baby develops more optimally.

Since you may feel really tired during this week, it is not bad to start the maternity leave for the career woman. Despite you need to be more relaxed, the leave is to enable you to take more rests and prepare the labor more optimally.

Obstetrician visitations are still relevant. You can even do it more to make sure that is no further problems in your pregnancy. Share if you have problems like hypertension or gestational diabetes. The sooner treatment found the better labor process will be.

Although you need to take a rest more, spare your time to do exercise or at least moving. In the morning, you can just walk around. This activity tends to make the baby is birth normally and easily.

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