32 Weeks Pregnant

32 weeks pregnant

What happens to mom and baby during the 32 weeks pregnant? In this stage, it can be said that the baby is getting closer to be labored. 32 weeks pregnant is how many months actually? Well, the weeks mean that the pregnancy is already in its 8th month.

Not only is it about the infant that is developed more rapidly, but the mom’s body also has changed so much. Disturbing symptoms like nausea are indeed no longer experienced. But there are still some problems with the preparations for giving a birth.

32 Weeks Pregnant Belly and Some Changes

The development of the infant may give such a significant effect on the mom’s body. The most visible one is of course the belly as well as the uterus that is getting bigger. The contraction often happens along with stomachache or cramp. Although it may be a little bit torturing, you should not worry since it is basically something normal.

The belly also tends to be slumped down if you see it carefully. It is because the infant’s position itself has started to change. Since it is right above the bladder, you may want to urinate more often than usual.

The pressure of the bladder is also sometimes quite painful. If the condition is not too severe, it is actually still normal. Check your condition immediately to the obstetrician if you can’t help it.

The production of some hormones is increased with the preparation of the labor. The mom may be more sensitive towards oxytocin. So, be careful of using products containing this substance.

32 Weeks Pregnant Belly

The Infant’s Development

As it is seen from outside, the infant is getting bigger and longer with the weight of 1.8 kg and length of 45-50 cm. They can be less or more depending on some factors including the genetic factor and what mom has consumed during the pregnancy. Sometimes, this condition may make the amnion liquid coming out a little bit.

The infant’s brain is able to function actively as well as the senses. So, you should not surprise if the infant may be able to respond to any stimulation from the outside including the sound and light.

The entire body and organs are almost perfect. The lungs have even been functioned well although the perfection happens when it enters the 9 months. Outside the infant, the placenta has also been formed well. It is surrounded by a liquid to avoid the infant being twisted by its own placenta when moving.

The eyes are functioned well also. The infant may see the surrounding more focused. Since the eyelids have also been formed, it is then able to close the eyes or simply blink. The infant’s movement has been increased around 375 times in a day but mom may not be able to feel all the movements. Since most of the movements are just minor ones.

Treatments for Mom and Baby at 32 Weeks

32 weeks pregnantYour mental needs preparation also just like your body. You may feel more tired in doing the daily activities because of the belly that is getting bigger. It is also more difficult to take a breath normally. So, you should schedule your activities well and find enough rests.

If in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy you may undergo the checkup once a month, the frequency should be added starting from this week. At least, you visit the obstetrician twice a week. It is to detect whether your baby can be born in a normal way or not. If it is not due to some problems, you may prepare yourself for some options like Caesar section.

Mom must also be really careful with any diseases and physical problems she may have. It is mainly if the mom has hypertension, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia. Besides, if you have a heart disorder, your pregnancy must be under the doctor’s control since the beginning. It is because the blood produced is more and this condition gives more possibilities for the blood vessel clamping.

Things you should not forget are consuming healthy foods and doing the pregnancy exercises. For the exercises, it should be under the trainer’s supervision to make sure that you do it in the right way.

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