31 Weeks Pregnant

31 weeks pregnant

31 weeks pregnant, congratulation anyway, it means that the labor is getting closer. In this period, the infant passes through a very rapid development. Some vital organs are almost perfect as well as the height and weight are continuously increased.

Well, 31 weeks pregnant is how many months actually? This period is actually still around the 7 months but it is almost 8 months; only a week before this age. So, how are the conditions of both the mom and the baby? Here are the further explanations.

31 Weeks Pregnant Belly, Symptoms, and Changes

Starting from the week of 30, some difficulties regarding the big belly may have been experienced. It is starting from the breathing difficulty, fatigue, to insomnia. Those things are continuously like that until the labor. It is because of the big belly that pushes your upper organs including the diaphragm.

In this period also, you may urinate more often. The womb which is getting bigger also becomes the main reason why such a thing happens. The womb pushes the urine bag and it simply makes you want to pee although the urine itself is probably limited. Although this condition is indeed disturbing, it doesn’t mean that you must stop or lessen your drinking. The more liquid is still needed to help your body metabolism. Besides, it is important also not to hold the urine too long.

Another problem that is common to experience during this period is a headache. So, you need to be relaxed and take a rest. If you also have some other problems like back pain and the others, it means you need to lie down and sleep.

The Development of the Infant

31 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

In general, the baby is getting bigger signed by its length of around 41 cm and weight of 1.5 kg. This length is measured from the head to the toe. But for the 31 weeks pregnant with twins, the weight can be less than that for each infant and it is under the normal category.

It can be said that this period is the peak of the infant’s development. The brain has developed trillion nerve connectors to process the information. The infant can even detect the danger due to the senses that start to function well. Believe it or not, your baby can even smell your aroma.

Despite receiving the information from the outside, the infant also gives responses if you do some stimulation like in the form of movement, pushes, and kicks. However, the additional accumulation of fat under the baby’s skin may make the movement seem slower. But you should not worry. As long as you can feel the baby’s movement in the womb, it means that your baby is still in good condition.

The infant’s sight also has been developed well and they are almost perfect. The sight can even be focused on one particular object. This development is also balanced by the growth of other organs in its body including the lungs. But even if the lungs are formed almost perfectly, the infant can just take a breath normally when it is around 36 weeks pregnant.

Another organ that is almost perfect is for the reproduction. If it is a baby boy, the testicle starts to go down from the kidney areas to the scrotum. Meanwhile, if it is a baby girl, the clitoris is formed and visible.

31 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound and Other Treatments

31 Weeks Pregnant UltrasoundIn this week, you are suggested to take a rest more. So, if you are a career woman with a very busy schedule, it is much better to lessen your activities. You should not worry, as long as the problems are not really worse like acute insomnia or the back pain, the total rest may not yet need.

Consuming the healthy and nutritious foods is also a very essential thing to do. This habit actually must be done even before getting pregnant. Besides, don’t forget to do some light exercises suggested for the pregnant women and manage your stress.

The pregnant ultrasound is not obligatory if you have done it in previous weeks. All you need to do is just keeping doing the checkup regularly to make sure that the baby is always in good condition.

“There are so many food rules when one is pregnant. So, wouldn’t it be nice if there was just a set menu detailing what you should eat every day? So, I just make it”, Kristin Cavallary, an actress.

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