30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks pregnant

There are some certain body changes and infant developments during the period of 30 weeks pregnant or around 7 months. The most visible thing is of course the belly that is getting bigger. It means that the infant also grows more significantly until it is ready to be born in the world.

So, how are the conditions of the mom and baby during this period? Here are the explanations.

30 Weeks Pregnant Belly, Symptoms and Changes

The belly which is getting bigger tends to give you some effects. Some women may find it more difficult to breathe since the infant has been pushed to the diaphragm. Besides, the enlargement of belly skin is also often really itchy. It is actually something normal but undeniably, the itch is quite disturbing. So, providing a cream or ointment for pregnancy is necessary. Avoid scratching the itches since it may make the conditions get worse.

Aside from those conditions, there are commonly not many other symptoms. Your body is indeed changed but it can just adapt it well. Maybe, you may feel more tired mainly if you still have such a hectic schedule. Therefore, make sure to spare your time to take a rest more than usual.

The Development of the Infant

Starting from week 14 pregnancy, the infant’s development is starting to be very rapid. This condition will always be like that until the labor. It means that in the week of 30 up to 31 weeks pregnant, some changes are also found in the infant.

One of the most rapid developments is seen in the lungs. The lungs are formed only a few days before this period but it is starting to shape perfectly. They are even ready to work normally just like when the baby has been born. This also becomes the reason why the premature-born baby commonly has a problem in his or her lungs.

Entering this week, the weight is normally about 1.3 or even 1.4 kg. The length itself is around 39 cm-43.2. it is possible if the length and weight are less or more than them. There are many factors that influence it including the genetic factor and nutrition. Besides, for the 30 weeks pregnant with twins, the weight is commonly less than that each.

Aside from those developments, there are some other parts of the body that start to form perfectly. The visual is much better as the infant is able to detect the source of the light. So, if you turn on a flashlight onto your belly, the baby may respond to it inside.

The brain is also almost perfect seen from the wrinkles on the surface. The brain is indeed a place to keep so many cells so that the better it is, the more wrinkled it will be. The wrinkles on the brain are known as the convulsion.

In the previous period, there is something like smooth hair grown all around the infant’s body. In this week 30, the hair is starting to remove by itself. This condition is continued until the day the baby is born. Meanwhile, the fat production is also increased and then accumulated under the skin. The skin which is previously wrinkled is then getting smoother.

30 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound and the Treatments

30 Weeks Pregnant UltrasoundSo, what should the mom do to pass through this period? First of all, you need to know if the 30 weeks pregnant is how many months. It is around 7 months it becomes reasonable if the belly may be really big.

As it has been mentioned above, you may experience some disturbs like the difficulty to take a breath and fatigue. If the condition is getting worse, it is much better to have a full rest at home. Besides, if you also have insomnia for this, examining your condition in the obstetrician is the best solution.

Although it is important for you to take a rest, some small exercises need also to be done. For the best results, you can join a pregnancy class in which the exercises and yoga there are under the supervision of the experts of instructors.

Meanwhile, the ultrasound checkup is also necessary to undergo. It is to know the exact condition of the infant. Therefore, if there is a particular problem, some further treatments can be done immediately.

 “To my surprise, however, prenatal yoga is really not that bad. It’s easier than the regular yoga I have done intermittently through the years. I just became a yoga devotee when pregnant”, Drew Barrymore, an actress.

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