29 Weeks Pregnant

29 weeks pregnant belly

Are you looking for some information about what will happen in your 29 weeks pregnant? Then, read our article below! We will provide important information about your belly, ultrasound, and especially if you are expecting twins!

29 weeks pregnant belly

The weight of your pregnant belly will be around 18 to 24 pounds. But, if you are expecting twins, the weight will be around 22 to 37 pounds. At this point, you may feel a lot of kicks inside your belly. It is the moment when your baby starts to be pretty active and a bit crowded. You should do kick counts every day in order to find out that your baby’s level activity is consistent. The baby usually moves around 9 times in less or around two hours.

If you do not feel any movement of your baby inside your belly, you do not need to worry. What you should do is to drink some cold water and play music. You can also simply lie down on one of your sides and ask your partner to massage you. Those activities will surely wake your baby up. You can also go to your doctor for a checkup! Read our article too about how to get pregnant with twins.

29 weeks pregnant ultrasound

29 weeks pregnant ultrasoundAt this point, your baby’s jabs and kicks are stronger than before because your baby gets a little cramped in some places. It means that he or she grows! Sometimes you also will feel a repetitive twitch and subtle feeling. It is actually your 29-week-baby’s hiccup. Amazing!

But, if you are expecting twin, your membrane which is actually a thin wall has already built between both of your babies. Your cute babies are definitely feeling a little bit crowded inside your belly! With a prenatal visit schedule that you have, we suggest you do not visit your doctor at this 29 week. You should visit him or her for the 30 weeks pregnant. The reason is that at this point, doing an ultrasound will only capture your baby’s growth of white fat that can be found under the skin. It also captures her or his energy that is surging because of that fat.

29 weeks pregnant with twins

“Sometimes miracles come in pairs”

Are you positive you are having twins? Your babies’ size will be the same as before but of course, he or she will get heavier. The length will not increase much too compare to last week. Usually, it is around 15 inches or so. Talking about the weight, your twin babies’ weight is usually around 2.5 pounds which is almost the same as the weight of a butternut squash.

As your babies gain weight, there are also things that they are losing. First is the hair. They lose the hair on their bodies. This hair covers most of their body previously. When they are born, this hair will be gone too. The second is their vernix. It is a layer in a white color that aims to keep their vulnerable and thin skin protected. At this week, don’t forget to take your maternity leave. After that, pack your bag complete with the clothes and stuff you need in the hospital. Pack everything you may need for the rainy days!

29 weeks pregnant with twins

What to Buy

Next, we also give you some recommendation about the things you should buy to prepare for your delivery. These things will give you easy to deliver your beloved babies in a safe and comfortable way. The things that are worth to buy are including:

  • Nursing covers

It is important to have it since it can be used more than one. It will give you flexibility and convenient way to feed your little babies.

  • Laundry detergent

Before you buy one, it is essential to make sure that it is safe for your babies’ skin especially when they are still very fragile.

  • Baby Registry
  • Nursing pads

It is such a must-have item. You can buy it that comes in a reusable design and model. It is usually made of bamboo and it is washable.

Prepare yourself and hang in there to go through any painful symptoms in this 29 weeks pregnant. Everything will be worth it as your babies are born. Don’t forget to check your list whether you already have everything you need before the delivery day.

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