27 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect

27 Weeks Pregnant

Being a parent is a big responsibility. That is why before you decide that you want to get pregnant, you need to check the list of things you need to know before getting pregnant. If you want to have a safe pregnancy, you need to make sure to keep your body healthy.

Before deciding to get pregnant, you need to have a checkup, such as a breast check and another checkup with your dentist. You also need to have a healthy lifestyle. You should give up smoking and reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol. Aside from causing harm to you, smoking can also harm your baby.

You also need to know about what to expect once you conceive. Here are things you need to know once you are at 27 weeks pregnant.

27 Weeks Pregnant, How Many Months?

27 weeks pregnant how many monthsTwenty-seven weeks pregnant equals five months and four weeks. It means that you are at the last week of your second trimester. The baby will be around 14 inches long and weigh around 1.9 pounds. At this time, your baby is not only getting bigger, she/he is also becoming smarter. It is also is a good time for you to start singing lullabies to your baby since she/he might hear you or your partner’s voice. It is possible because at this stage, the baby’s nerves to the ears start to mature. Not only hearing you, but your baby might also recognize your voice or your partner’s voice.

Aside from the ears, the taste buds of the baby are quite developed too. Your baby can tell the taste difference when you eat something spicy. When the mothers eat spicy food, some babies might get a hiccup, which might feel like belly spasm to the mothers. The good thing is, this is not stressing the baby.

The position of the baby

When you are looking for 27 weeks pregnant baby position, you will find that the baby’s head starts to move downward. Your baby will be in a sideways position before you are at 26 weeks and that is normal. But once you hit 27 weeks, the weight of your baby’s head will increase. Gravity will make the head of the baby move downward. If you are impatient and want to see your baby, you can always get 27 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

Your Body at 27 Weeks Pregnant

Your Body at 27 Weeks PregnantAt 27 weeks pregnant, your stomach will swell. Your 27 weeks pregnant belly might be as big as a basketball. Unfortunately, your stomach is not the only thing that will swell. Three in four women suffer mild swelling in their feet, hands, and ankles. You also might notice some symptoms, such as aching back. One of the things to deal with a backache is by doing a gentle stretching.

When you are asleep, you can also use a body pillow to get yourself comfortable and take off some of the pressure from your hips.

You might also experience leg cramps. Stretching your legs can also help you to deal with this problem. If you want to prevent leg cramps, you should drink lots of water. Another symptom is constipation. You can try to prevent if by eating lots of foods with fiber, drinking lots of water and taking walk, but if the problem persists, then you need to ask your doctor for either fiber supplement or stool softener.

You might also experience snissing, that is peeing when you sneeze. Since baby puts lots of pressure on your bladder, this forces you to empty it more often. You can also wear a panty liner if you are worried about snissing.

At 27 weeks, you might also start to eat even more. Gaining weight is to be expected. At 27 weeks pregnant, you can expect to gain weight around 15 to 30 pounds. If you gain more weight faster than recommended, you might want to ask your doctor for tips about dealing with the gain weight.

By making sure that you are not gaining weight more than recommended, you are keeping your pregnancy safe. You minimize the complications of pregnancy and the chance of preterm labor. It can also help yourself since you do not need to carry more weight when you reach third trimester.

At 27 weeks pregnant, you might want to think about your birth plan. You can also ask your friends who recently had babies about stories of their own pregnancy. That way, you can get honest advices.

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