26 Weeks Pregnant

26 Weeks Pregnant

A 26 weeks pregnant mom means that she has started to enter the third trimester. There are some rapid developments in the infant as well as the mom must also experience some changes in her body.

Mom may not experience any disturbing symptoms just like in the 2nd-trimester pregnancy. It is due to the fact that your body has been adapted well. Then, it is also getting more and more ready to prepare the labor. There are indeed some things that make you feel not really comfortable. But as long as you are in a healthy condition, it must be passed through well.

26 Weeks Pregnant Belly and the Changes in Mom’s Body

The most visible one is of course the belly that is getting bigger and swollen. It is because you need to hold a baby with the weight of around 0.9 kg and the length of 36 cm. the size in general is quite similar to the cucumber. Then, the womb is located 6.35 cm above the navel. This way, you may feel quite hard to breathe.

If you cannot manage this condition well, there are some further problems that are probably experienced. One of them is the high blood pressure. If the blood pressure is higher than the normal condition, some other medical checkups need to be done to avoid the worse cases like preeclampsia.

The bigger baby bump also gives effect to the area of the back. Problems like the back pain, the heartburn, and the pain of the round ligament are often experienced. When such conditions may make you more difficult to sleep, consult them with your doctor.

In some cases, the moms also find their sight is a little bit blurred. This matter is caused by the production of some pregnancy hormones. Those hormones give different effects from one to another. But for some people, it also reduces the tear productions and causes the dry eyes.

The Development of the Infant

There are some developments of the body and organs passed through by the infant of 26 weeks. Not only is it about the length and weight that are improved, but the eyes are also able to open completely. It is basically the continuity of the 25 weeks development in which the eyelids are formed.

The infant also starts to breathe through his or her own respiratory system as the preparation of his or her life in the world. The hearing system is also formed almost completely. That’s why; it is said that the infant of this age is able to hear the sounds and voices from the world outside.

The nerves of sight also start to work and respond to the light. If you radiate a flashlight right on your belly, the baby can just see it. He or she may respond to it by turning the face away.

For the baby boy, the penis has been formed and started to go down and reach the scrotum. This part will be in a right position only in a few days.

26 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound and the Treatments

26 weeks pregnant how many monthsThere are some treatments and checkups recommended for the 26 weeks of pregnancy. If you don’t have enough chances to undergo the pregnant ultrasound before, it is the right time. You can see the baby’s development as well as make sure that the general condition is good. It is also to make sure if it is really the 26 weeks pregnant how many months.

Even when you start the pregnancy program, some ways of the healthy lifestyle need to be conducted. One of them is by consuming the healthy and nutritious foods. Of course, you must maintain this habit until the labor and even during the breastfeeding period.

The pregnancy exercises are also important to do. Start it from the week 14 pregnancy. Then, in this 26th week, your body has been adapted so that there is no more fatigue or exhaustion after the activity. For the better results, you must do the exercises under the trainers’ controls.

Something which is not less important is about the stress management. Spare your time to relax and do some activities that you like shopping and hanging around. Gathering with other pregnant moms is necessary to gain more experiences.

“I suddenly love citrus, orange, and lemonade. It is so good since all of them are good for pregnancy”, Jessica Alba, an actress.

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