25 Weeks Pregnant

25 Weeks Pregnant

What will every mom experience in her 25 weeks pregnant? During this period, you may be able to interact with the baby through touches, voices, and even music that are enclosed to the belly. Interestingly, the baby is also able to give some responses.

The responses are given due to the facts that the nerves, bones, and brain are formed almost perfectly. Besides, there are also some other characteristics of the 25 weeks of pregnancy. What are they?

25 Weeks Pregnant Belly and Some Changes on the Mom’s Body

In this period, the womb is continued to be swollen and the size is almost similar to the soccer ball. Some symptoms are probably experiences although they may be quite different from one to another including the cramps on the legs, insomnia, hemorrhoid, and constipation. Besides, as the womb is located right below the ribs, the moms may find it quite hard to breathe.

The Development of the Infant

Of course, the changes in mom’s body are because of the infant’s size that is getting bigger and bigger. In general, the infant’s weight is commonly around 0.6 kg. Meanwhile, the length is approximately 34.6 cm. Both the weight and length can be less or more for some factors like the genetic, nutrition, and others.

Despite the size and length, some other characteristics of the 25 weeks of pregnancy are as follow.

  • First, the infant’s heartbeat tends to slow down for around 140 beats per minutes. Although this is known as slowing down, this heartbeat is still much higher compared to normal people even the mom herself.
  • Second, the fat is started to accumulate under the infant’s skin. If you check the condition, he or she is no longer too thin just like the previous weeks. The fat has some advantages for the infant particularly in term of protecting him or her from any disturbs outside.
  • Third, the infant’s skin previously may look wrinkled. Well, this week, the skin is getting smoother due to the accumulation of the fat mentioned above. This condition will be continuously improved until the baby is born.
  • Fourth, the hair is starting to grow whether it is the hair on the head or this that is grown up on the skin. If you check the infant through the pregnant ultrasound, the hair can even be clearly seen. But of course, not all the baby may already have the hair. It is based on the genetic factors as well.
  • Fifth, since the urination system has also been developed well, he or she regularly waste the urine into the amnion liquid. Besides, the body is also able to respond to some troubles made by its own. One of them is that the baby can even be hiccupped.
  • Sixth, the eyelids are formed well and they are starting to open. In a few days, it is possible also for them to enclose. In this condition, the infant of 25 weeks is already able to blink.

25 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound and Other Checkups

25 weeks pregnant ultrasoundLet’s assume that you have controlled your pregnancy every month to the obstetricians or the experts. This way, the baby’s conditions are more guaranteed to be healthier and safer. Just like what you may have done in the previous month, you still need to undergo the blood pressure and urine checkups.

Both checkups are functioned to detect certain conditions like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. Mainly for the blood pressure, it is also to know your current conditions whether you have been suffered from stress or being depressed or not. Getting closer to the labor, sure, you need to be more relaxed.

The pregnant ultrasound is also necessary to do although it is not a must. Some problems are possible to be detected in this period. Besides, the ultrasound is also important to know whether the baby’s development is normal or not.

Consuming nutritious foods is also important to do during this period although you must start to do that even before getting pregnant. Joining a pregnancy class can be done since it is proven to have some advantages. Some of the advantages are to manage the stress, find further knowledge and information regarding the pregnancy and labor, and of course, make some new friends for sharing.

“Everyday, I was like ‘Oh my God’, but I take a deep breath and gratitude for all the opportunities I have. Being relaxed and grateful is anything for a good pregnancy.” Live Tyler, an actress.

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