24 Weeks Pregnant

24 Weeks Pregnant

You can consider it as the motherhood preview, your baby is doing fine and you might look messed. Your 24-week baby is trying to survive and still developing. In the outside world, you might face some discomfort things at 24 weeks pregnant, such as backaches, leg cramps, and swollen feet. Its ok, you have to hang in there, moms to be.

How is your 24-week baby?

24 Weeks PregnantAt the 24 weeks, your baby has size around cantaloupe. The fetus is around 11.8 inches now and weighs around 1.3 pounds. Now, you are reached 21 weeks pregnant, and its same as five months and a week pregnant. If you do a simple calculation, then 24-week pregnancy will be 6 months pregnant.

How your 24 weeks pregnant belly?

Arrived at 24 weeks pregnant, then you have been feeling that your baby kicking at least for some weeks. But now, he or she gets stronger and powerful. Even, your partner or other people who touched your belly might be able to feel its kick as well. The recommended weight gain for weeks 24 pregnant is around 14 to 16 pounds for mothers who have normal weight. If you get more than that, don’t worry – if you found any sudden or drastic weight gain which is cause concerns, then call your doctor. But for the healthiest pregnancy, you should find the best way to keep your weight gain still under control and manageable.

Do you know that number 24 is the magical number for baby twins moms? It is suggested for twins mom at weeks 24 pregnant should gain around 24 pounds now, in fact, if you have or you had to lower the risk of preterm labor.

24 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Inside your 24-week belly, your baby still making great progress. This is not only about the anatomical things, but it’s also talking about the looks as well. Your fetus see-through skin was slowly become darken, and it will turn in to pink and fresh glow, thanks to the tiny capillaries which just being formed. You can drink up, during your 24 weeks pregnant, then your doctor will order you to take the glucose challenge test as one of most memorable prenatal screening to find out whether or not you have a risk or gestational diabetes. This test was made to see how your body process the glucose, therefore you will be asked to drink the sweet liquid which known as the Glucola, then you might wait around an hour. When the time is up, then your blood will be drawn and to be tested to see how your body had processed the sugar.

If your doctor finds out the unusual result, then you might need to take the follow-up test which been known as the glucose tolerance test. It will measure how your body processing the glucose for three hours in order to see whether or not you have gestational diabetes. If you do it, then it is not the end of your world, your doctor will provide the best solution for you on how to maintain your condition in line so that the rest of your pregnancy is going healthy as well. Of course, you and your baby might receive extra monitoring – means that you might get an extra ultrasound as well. You can see the good side, at least you will be peaking your baby more often.

Here the symptoms of 24-week pregnancy

As mentioned before that you might experience many discomfort things, such as your swollen feet and ankles. If you note that your tootsies were swollen, then you can rise them while you were seating. You can wake up and take more often walking. A bit of swelling foot might be expected, however, swelling in your face, severe swelling on your hands or sudden swollen cannot be ignored. They are signs of preeclampsia – this is a dangerous complication for your pregnancy. Your condition is much different compared to you before getting pregnant.

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