23 Weeks Pregnant

23 Weeks Pregnant

Arrived at 23 weeks pregnant, then your baby is getting ready to make a big debut by listening to what’s happening in the outside world. Keep in mind that getting the nursery stocked and painted with diapers was necessary, there are many things were less fun to do which should be done by yourself,  it is financial. On weeks 23 pregnant is the right time to call out your health insurance provider in order to see how you will be covered currently and deciding on what adjustments that you will need to choose for your baby. You can consider to write the will if you do not have one yet, or even updating the existing one. So this is a right time to start, even making a small saving account will help you to count in the time value of your money.

How big your baby at 23 weeks?

You are at 23-week pregnancy and your baby has the same size as grapefruit now. The average size of 22 weeks pregnant fetus around 11.4 inches measured from head to toe and weighs around 1.1 pounds. Of course, your baby almost reaches a footling and finally being weighed in pounds. Of course, your baby is getting bigger, even much cuter and start to look like a baby as well. At 22-week pregnancy means that its five months pregnant – your baby is ready to come to the month six.How big your baby at 23 weeks

23 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Your belly at weeks 22 pregnant measured around 21 to 25 centimeters came from the pubic bine go to the top of the uterus. At this 22 week, then you might be gained around 12 to 15 pounds by this far. And if you are 22 weeks pregnant with the baby twins, then you should at least reach 23 pounds so far. By gaining the recommended weight for the twin pregnant, then you will decrease the risk of preterm labor as well.

At weeks 23 pregnant, then your baby movement might feel pretty hard and it always exciting to find out that your baby is moving down there. If you take a look closer, then you will find out the fetus’s routine at 23 weeks. Your baby is less active when he or she is sleeping and become more active when she or he is waking up. There are several parents who swore that their newborns still do the same routine after birth.

23 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

You might wonder what you will see if you get 23 weeks pregnant ultrasound? You should know that at this point, your baby’s face was completely formed she or he just needs a bit more fat to fill them out. Your baby entertaining her or himself by listening to your heartbeat and voice, even they can hear some loud noise such as barking and horn as well.

Then you can enjoy this little time from all of the prodding and poking. When you visited your doctor once a  month, then you might not have an appointment with your doctor or ultrasound at weeks 23 pregnancy. And you might be done with the genetic testing as well. When leaving 2nd-trimester pregnancy, entering the third trimester pregnant then you will be busier to meet your doctor one in two weeks. And you might not feel energetic like just you doing now. Therefore, use this time to finish your job.

Here 23 weeks pregnant symptoms

When you tested nausea in the first trimester, then you might face discomfort at weeks 23 pregnant symptoms, such as swollen feet and ankles. There are several puffinesses was completely normal. To handle this condition, then you can put your feet as much as you could, of course, drink a lot of water. Call your doctor if you got sudden or extreme swelling, that can be a sign of preeclampsia.

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