21 Weeks Pregnant

21 Weeks Pregnant

The pressure is on! Have you found a perfect baby name yet? It seems like many parents to be will found the baby soon or hold the way up until giving birth. if you have not chosen that perfect baby name yet, then you can check many references sources, they give ideas on beautiful names, cool names and much more. No matter with a name that you choose, you might think that it’s more perfect one you know and falling in love with your little one. When you are at 21 weeks pregnant, you do not only choose the name, you will work so hard to get your home ready as well.

Your baby at 21-weeks pregnant

When you reached at 21 weeks pregnant, then you baby as big as the head of endive and around 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces. Your baby now is big enough because you have probably been feeling her or his fetal movements lately – even the movements are getting stronger as well. Weeks 21 pregnant is around 4 months and three weeks. Now you are going further than halfway point go to your pregnancy. 21 weeks pregnant belly

21 Weeks Pregnant Belly

During this week, you might take a look in the mirror and ask, where do  I go? When you arrived on 21-week pregnancy, you might gain about 13 to 14 pounds and around 21 pounds if you’ve got weeks 21 pregnant with cute twins. This new curve makes you feel so sexy and super confident, you become the center of attention in anywhere – however, that extra weight may make you feel fat, but it’s actually not because you are pregnant now. You can read this quote “A baby fills a place in your heart which you never known was empty.” You never being alone because your little baby will accompany you anywhere and anytime.

In fact, all the weight that you gain during your pregnancy is not only for your baby – all of them provides you with the really necessary purpose for both of you. All of those pounds will do a great thing inside your body, keeping your baby alive and stay healthy – storing much good stuff to make him or his healthy after pregnancy. When you feeling a little disturbing about your body, then you can think about all of the wonderful things that they do. Now, at weeks 21 pregnant, the baby movement is more noticeable and a baby has reflexes as well. If you can press gently by using your palm on your belly, then you might feel a bit of pushback. Your body might be changed a lot than before getting pregnant, but that’s all amazing thing.

21 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

If you wondering about what’s going on with your 21-week baby? When the digestive system of the baby is preparing for the outside world, he or she will produce the meconium – the black substance that you will find in the first of dirty diaper. Even the reproduction system was also developing as well. If it is a girl. She already has the lifetime supply of eggs inside her womb as well. So how about a boy? Well, the tests were still sat on her belly however it will go down during for next few weeks after the scrotum finishes its developing. You will get the glimpse of a little baby in 23 weeks pregnant if you get a mid-pregnancy ultrasound on this week. There are many parents to be might want until their baby’s born to know the gender. Or you can ask your doctor to tell what baby’s gender.

You can ask your doctor to print out the picture because if you have a good pregnancy, this might be the last medical ultrasound that you will get during pregnancy. Then you can take it and show off these photos of the cute baby. Of course, you still have to brainstorm that name as well. As Harriette Hartigan said that “Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation.”

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