20 Weeks Pregnant

20 Weeks Pregnant

Well, congratulation! When you reached 20 weeks pregnant, then you arrived at the halfway point. If you found out the baby’s gender recently, now you are in the completely new mindset as well. Now, you might start to think about baby names which more likely end up with the actual name of your baby, when you find yourself at the baby shops, the little pink and blue were not just affordable, they are must-have items. Now, you can decide to buy clothes and other girlish or boyish items on your wish list. So, enjoy your shopping.

How big your baby at 20-week pregnancy?

On your 20 weeks pregnant, your baby as big as a banana. She or he has weight around 10.2 ounces and measure around 6.5 inches from head to toe. It will start next week. Your baby will be measured from head to toe. Your baby still has many things to grow up but has a very great start. Weeks 20 pregnant means that you are four months and around two weeks. During your week 20, then you reached the halfway point of your journey.How big your baby at 20 weeks pregnancy

Things to know about your 20 weeks pregnant belly

Starting around 20 weeks pregnant, then your doctor will measure the height of fundal on your every prenatal visit as well. The fundal height was the distance that comes from the pubic bone go to the top of your uterus. When it measured in centimeters, then the fundal height must be matched with the pregnancy week. For example, if you are at weeks 20 pregnant belly must be measured about 18 to 22 centimeters. I should increase to around one centimeter each week. The high fundus is higher or even lower can be a sign of specific pregnancy condition like gestational diabetes, breech baby and a growth problem, therefore, if it does not in average, then you should take further testing might be important.

On your weeks 20 pregnant, the weight gain was happening slowly and steadily. You might gain around 10 pounds now. Keep in mind that you might gain around 1 to 2 each weel. The recommended weight gain for pregnant women based on average BMI is around 25 to 35 pounds. If you start pregnancy with the high BMI, then your doctor might suggest you gain around 15 to 25 pounds. If you have low BMI, around 28 to 40 pounds usually become the recommendation. However if you reached 20 weeks pregnant with twins or even other multiples, your doctor will measure your fundal height.

20 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

20 weeks pregnant ultrasoundYour week 20 fetus now still working the taste buds. She or he will gulp down few ounces of amniotic fluid in every day – this is more than before. If you have not git mid-pregnancy ultrasound yet, you will get there soon, because of prenatal test happens around 18 weeks pregnant to 22. You will get a more detailed ultrasound in week 20 pregnancy. You are able to see the parts of your baby, such as chambers of her or his heart, the brain hemispheres, and the kidneys. Your doctor will see that everything seems to be growth properly and the baby’s growth is on the right track. This is also your 2nd-trimester pregnancy. Your doctor also tells you about the baby’s gender so you can tell your doctor if you want to find out whether you are having a girl or a boy. You can ask for printouts of the ultrasound photos as well.

Here symptoms of your 20 weeks pregnant

You might experience these symptoms right now, such as heartburn, leg cramps, swelling, and more things. Therefore you can do stretching regularly and drink a lot of water to avoid your leg cramp. Sometimes, you might get heartburn or indigestion, as your baby starts to disturb your digestive system. So you have to pay attention to what you are eating and avoid spicy food that causes tummy issues.

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