2 Weeks Pregnant

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2 Weeks Pregnant

It might sound surprising, however, you should not that you were not yet pregnant during the first week of pregnancy. The pregnancy was measured based on the 40-week calendar and the day one since on the first day of your menstruation period. You become pregnant close to the end of week two or your beginning in the week three, this is also depending on when your body ovulates. Ovulation can be used as a sign of your fertile period. So, is there any symptoms for 2 weeks pregnant?

Here several 2 weeks pregnant symptoms that you should know

The pregnancy is also based on the sex timing when you are in the most fertile period – it might for two days before you ovulate and that day you completely ovulate. If you have regular cycle 28 days, then most possible chance you will ovulate on the day 15. However, who has a regular cycle of 28 days every month? On the pregnant at 2 weeks, ovulation symptoms can indicate you are on the best time to have sex and hopefully you can pregnant. You might be ovulating if you can realize these signs at the second week of pregnancy.

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  • Experience a better sense of smell. You might not believe it – but the hormonal change can increase your ability to know different scent, which is a natural way that helps you to sniff the male pheromones while you are struggling to procreate
  • “Egg white” (the cervical mucus), this thing might sound a little disgusting, however, it was right. Your cervical mucus becomes clear, thin and fibrous like an egg white when you close to the ovulation. This consistency will help the sperm go to the egg
  • Your breast feels tender or sore. The hormonal change that related to the ovulation can help your breast feel slightly sore
  • You experience pelvic ache. As your ovarium starts to release an egg, then you will experience a little puncture on one side of your stomach. You should know that this is a phenomenon which been called as Mittelschmerz – named for the doctor who first one that documented it.
  • Little spotting – as you realized that there is a small tint of red or brown in your underwear when you are in ovulation process. However, it will really happen when the follicle surrounding the egg ruptures. It this is actual bleeding, it can be a sign for something else like the ectopic pregnancy, therefore you can let your doctor know if you experience something more than just light spotting between your periods
  • The increasing of sex drive. You might only know that you were ovulation and naturally become aroused for having sex.
  • The change of cervical. If you can check your cervix regularly – this is something that women often do to chart – then you might realize that it becomes softer, higher and more open when you are ovulating

Some of them might buy the ovulation test in order to help them find out when they are in most fertile period. One of tech strategy is having sex every day around the day 12 until day 16 based on your menstrual cycle, means that this comes near to the end of the second week until at the beginning of the third week. This is can be used as your tips for getting pregnant.

2 Weeks Pregnant Belly

2 weeks pregnant
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If you are in two weeks pregnant, those symptoms will not appear right away. Even, you cannot find out for sure until there is sufficient pregnancy hormone in your system to do the home pregnancy test to discover your pregnancy. These tips might help to clue you in:

  • Spotting, around five to ten days after the conception then you might find out the little spotting
  • Get urination frequently, pregnancy hormones make you become more frequent go to the bathroom, even in the first week of pregnancy
  • Fatigue, you might feel complete exhaustion is some of the women first sign that there were expected. This is because your body will use more energy for the baby grow
  • Morning sickness. Perhaps this is one of the most popular pregnancy symptoms, nausea generally begin around four to nine weeks
  • Bloating, when your body starts to notice that you were pregnant, it might be slowing down your digestion in order to provide more nutrients for your baby.

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