19 Weeks Pregnant

19 Weeks Pregnant

The 19 weeks, it means you have passed through almost the half of your pregnancy. It should be interesting actually after you may put some efforts and practice tips to getting pregnant. Although the baby bump is getting heavier, the symptoms are actually much lighter. There are no more nausea and the comfortable feeling. It is probably just you feel more tired.

So, what happens in the 19 weeks pregnant? Here is what you need to know.

19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and What to Do

In general, there is no exact difference between the 19 weeks or the other weeks happen before. Even what you need to do is relatively the same. First of all, regular checkups must be done to know the development of the infant. You can share all the problems when passing through the pregnancy.

It is better also to lessen the activities to avoid the fatigue and exhaustion even before getting pregnant when the program has been already planned. This condition may give some effects to the infant also. Nutritious foods are very important to be consumed daily. Despite the foods contained DHA and folic acid mentioned before, some other types of nutrition like vitamin A and protein also need to be fulfilled. Some activities like yoga and exercises are also helpful to make the 19 weeks pregnant belly more relaxed.

19 weeks pregnant yoga

The Length and the Weight of the Infant

The length of the baby starting from the head to the butt is around 13-15 cm. Meanwhile, the weight is around 200 grams. Actually, this length and weight can be different based on some factors like the genetic factor and nutrition.

Therefore, don’t be too worried if your baby is less or more than that ideal length and weight. Just consult it with the doctor or undergo the 19 weeks pregnant ultrasound. To make sure that everything is okay.

The Development of the Fat and Protection Layers

The human body needs something like a layer to protect it from any attack from the outside. Particularly on the baby, the layer is important so that he or she will not feel too cold in the world outside. Particularly to warm up the baby’s body, there is a layer of the fat.

Meanwhile, there is one more protection layer namely Vernix caseosa. The layer is in white color and it protects the infant from the scratches and the radiation of amnion liquid from the outside. Without vernix, the baby’s skin is possible to be irritated even after he or she is born. One of the irritation signs is the wrinkles all around the body’s skin.

The Development of the Brain

You should not be surprised if the infant seems moving more effectively than before. It is not only due to the development of the bone structure in the week 18. The movement is also caused by the neuron connectors are formed more rapidly.

19 weeks pregnant

This condition must be supported for sure. Make sure that mom consumes more nutritious foods particularly them with DHA. The supplements of DHA can be found from the milk or multivitamins under the doctor’s prescriptions. Other than DHA, some other types of nutrition needed to consume are Colin and folic acid. The consumptions of those foods must be continued at least until the 24 weeks pregnant.

The More Development of the Hearing System

Starting from the 18th weeks of pregnancy, the auditory system has been formed and working. Then, it is continuously developed until some other weeks after that, of course, including in the 19th week. Interestingly, it is also said that the 19th week is when the development is done more rapidly.

Some research even says that the baby is able to hear now. Some suggestions for the parents, you should better start to talk to your baby to improve their brain and auditory system.

19 Weeks Pregnant Belly and Mom’s Conditions

The infant is not the only one who changes during this period. Sure, the mom must also find some different conditions. One thing that is clearly seen and felt is the increasing of the weight. The 19 weeks pregnant belly is also getting bigger, around 1.3 cm under the navel.

As a result of that belly condition, the legs may be swollen due to the water accumulation and the relaxation of the body’s ligaments. The hand palms that look reddish are also found from the improvement of the estrogen hormone. Although such things may not be comfortable, they are normal.

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